Nursery Update!

The nursery is 99% complete! It would be more complete if the rocking chair we purchased wasn’t broke. Yep, it isn’t straight and it doesn’t rock completely because there’s a piece of wood that extends too far in the back. It’s quite the bummer because it’s soft and overstuffed. We haven’t decided if we’ll try … Continue reading Nursery Update!

Weekend recap

Did you have a good Memorial day weekend? We did! We spent our long weekend grilling out, watching HGTV, doing some house projects, and spending time with friends. Wrigley got a couple walks out of the weekend. Some at night when the temperatures were much cooler and the sun was going down. Others in the … Continue reading Weekend recap

Another impressive piece

Another of his many talents…painting! My husband spent some time in high school and college working for his best friend’s dad, a local painter. It’s not a job where you can see your boyfriend in action. He’s painted for family, but I don’t typically stand around and watch. In fact, I don’t get involved at … Continue reading Another impressive piece

I appreciate, love, and look up to him

Have I mentioned that I recently learned my husband can do woodworking projects? Well, he can and he did and now I’m going to want a lot more! I’ve been eyeing a Pottery Barn entryway system for years. I mean close to THREE years. As with most of the items in the catalog, it’s pretty … Continue reading I appreciate, love, and look up to him