Nursery Update!

The nursery is 99% complete! It would be more complete if the rocking chair we purchased wasn’t broke. Yep, it isn’t straight and it doesn’t rock completely because there’s a piece of wood that extends too far in the back. It’s quite the bummer because it’s soft and overstuffed. We haven’t decided if we’ll try another one to see if this was just made of really poor quality. We’ll make that decision when we return this one.

Baby Leger's nursery


The walls have been painted. One wall is brown and three walls are blue. To put my husband to the real test, I requested stripes. I left the choice up to him and at the last minute he decided to do it. I know how much he wasn’t looking forward to it so it means a lot to me that he went through with it! I know it wasn’t easy to do and he’s a perfectionist when it comes to painting so he’s not 100% satisfied with it yet. But, to me, it’s perfect!

Baby Leger's crib


The nursery furniture is also put together! The following pictures aren’t the layout of the room, but rather where they were placed during the assembly process. Bryan had to unload them by himself so not only did he bring them into the house, but he got them into the nursery and then I helped him put them together. We’ve basically flip-flopped the layout from the assembly positions. It was a fun process for us to sit in the room and put together the furniture for our little boy. It was a good bonding experience and a good connection to the baby. Bryan had spent more time in the nursery since he painted the room, but it made it more real for both of us to spend a couple of hours sitting on the floor of the nursery.

You’ve seen Baby Leger’s bedding already, but now we get to display it! It matches the furniture perfectly and looks great with the colors!

Baby Leger's changing table


The four-drawer changing table. The changing pad has a baby blue cover on it. I love this because it will be perfect for baby and boy. The two-drawers that you can see swivel out so they are triangle-shaped. The changing table is already full of diapers and wipes and receiving blankets and bath towels and wash clothes. Everything on or in this table has been washed and folded in anticipation of Baby Leger’s arrival.

Baby Leger's bookcase


Baby Leger’s bookcase! Look at all those books from my great family and friends! The great thing about this bookcase is that you can take off the bottom and put it on the changing table to make it into a hutch. This will be great when the room needs to be a little more spacious.

2 thoughts on “Nursery Update!

  1. Amanda

    The room looks so great and very cozy. Kudos to Bryan; I think the stripes look fantastic. 🙂 I cannot believe the little guy will be here before we know it!

  2. Deanna Johnson

    Love the room decor, it looks awesome!

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