Another impressive piece

Another of his many talents…painting! My husband spent some time in high school and college working for his best friend’s dad, a local painter. It’s not a job where you can see your boyfriend in action. He’s painted for family, but I don’t typically stand around and watch. In fact, I don’t get involved at all. When your significant other has a stint in professional painting, you can’t offer any quality assistance. That also means you’re not the expert in paint colors. He’s the paint guru of the house. He tells me what looks good and then he makes it look good. I offer up suggestions and colors I like and he explains why they would or would not work. Who knew there was so much involved?!

For this project, I was away for a party on a Saturday morning. We had lunch plans afterwards. I came home to find a dog lazily watching paint dry while the painter stood admiring his work. I was shocked, amazed, and completely in love with the man and the color. I wasn’t clued into the days events, so I was even more surprised to see the transformation from tan to chocolate.

Here’s a glimpse of his recent painting endevour…in our living room! Why it works? According to the painter, it’s a contrast to the tan that is on the other wall. It brings out the honey oak instead of blending into the tan. I can sum up my feelings with…delicious! I love, love, love it. It was what that wall needed. It was what I needed. I needed contrast in a house full of tan.

Living room accent wall coated with chocolate paint!

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