I appreciate, love, and look up to him

Have I mentioned that I recently learned my husband can do woodworking projects? Well, he can and he did and now I’m going to want a lot more! I’ve been eyeing a Pottery Barn entryway system for years. I mean close to THREE years. As with most of the items in the catalog, it’s pretty pricey. Bryan decided he could build it for cheaper. 

Entryway bench - freshly painted


As you can see, it has three storage areas and a lip for the seat. I wasn’t around the weekend he built it, but I can only imagine the detail he put into this. I know it’s a piece of art. He may look at it and see his imperfections, but like most things he does, I look at it and see the masterpiece his hands created. He may see a nick here or a brush stroke there, but I see something that is beyond my comprehension. I see exactly what is in the magazines. I see something that should be built-in a factory and bought in a store.

Entryway bench with baskets


So much work went into this bench and I can’t even fathom enough to appreciate it to its full potential. I do know enough to be so very thankful for a husband who is handy, crafty,  mechanical, and any other descriptor for the amazing things he’s able to do.

A great corner for my buckets

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