Weekend recap

Did you have a good Memorial day weekend? We did! We spent our long weekend grilling out, watching HGTV, doing some house projects, and spending time with friends.

Wrigley got a couple walks out of the weekend. Some at night when the temperatures were much cooler and the sun was going down. Others in the middle of the hot day. He didn’t seem to like the pregnant pace but it was a lot better for him in the heat. He wasn’t very good at the break we took in the shade either. He seemed ready to continue on instead of appreciating the cool stop. Much like children, parent’s know best so he was forced to wait it out until I said we could continue. Why were we out walking in the middle of the heat? Because I had strict rules to “find something to do” that was outside of the house. Bryan was painting the kitchen so Wrigley and I spent a lot of time outside. We pulled up a chair and enjoyed the shade of the backyard. I think Wrigley was surprised to find the pleasant change from the hot deck that he likes to perch on. We also spent a little bit of time reading in the sunshine. When all else fails, a pregnant woman and dog can always find a comfy spot to take a nap!

I spent some time doing some organizing in the guest bedroom so I can move things in from the office. It was a lot of work and I’m not done yet, but I got a good workout moving things down the stairs. As I complained this morning, Bryan laughed at me because I had sore leg muscles from “exercising.” I’ve still got more work ahead of me, but I’ve got ten weeks before I need the office cleaned out!

With nice weather comes grilling out! We both enjoy the benefits of having a grill and cooking up delicious food in a matter of minutes. After hearing that we had a bunch of friends around for the weekend, we decided to have the first official summer grill out. We had about 15 people come over and enjoyed a beautiful summer night. It was great to spend time with friends and the beautiful weather made it perfect. A storm rolling in helped cool down the temperatures so we were able to enjoy the outside.

After all the work around the house this weekend, we both enjoyed a day of rest. Bryan’s came in the form of golfing and mine came in the form of a Netflix movie. To our delight, tonight we realized that Monday is already over! Not only did we get a long weekend, but we get a short work week too! And that folks, is seeing the glass half full from both angles.

I hope you had a great Memorial day weekend. We enjoyed the first holiday of the summer but are amazed that June is already here. I think someone might be pushing fast forward on our summer and anyone living in the midwest will tell you that’s not a good thing. We want to enjoy our warm weather because the cold weather seems to linger! So, instead of complaining that we’ve already had our air on more days than we’ve had the windows open, I’ll kick back and enjoy the warm temperatures.


Letters to Baby Leger

Baby Boy,

A few days after we learned that you’d be joining the ranks of six other grandsons, we were spending a lazy Sunday on the couch. The windows were open, Wrigley was enjoying the sunshine, and basketball was on the television. In the mid-afternoon, you started kicking around continuously. I mentioned that this might be a good time to feel the kicking from outside the belly. My unknowing husband kneeled on the floor next to me and placed his hand on my belly. At that same instant, you kicked your little foot as hard as your little 11 ounces would let you. That initial reaction of astonishment, pride, and joy will forever been engraved in my mind. At that moment, my husband became the proud daddy I know he’ll be when you arrive. You followed up with a few more kicks just to let him know that you were doing ok.

Three weeks later, that’s still the hardest your little body has kicked. We like to believe that you wanted your daddy to know you so you gave him something extra special to remember. You’ve fallen into a daily exercise routine that is pretty heavy around 11 am and 8 pm. I can pretty much guarantee a reaction from you if I eat sugar or have a full belly. It’s been fun to know what you’re doing in there. I’ve noticed you moving around a few times. One time you thought about changing positions, but the kicks are back where they started so you must not have found that position as comfortable.

There was this one time on an equally beautiful weekend morning that I believed you and I both to be sleeping. Wrigley was supposed to be sleeping as well, but something startled him awake. Being the protector that he is, he yelled out a warning to whatever sound he had heard. This yelling woke me with a start and I imagine I and/or Wrigley woke you with the same surprise. About 2 seconds after I jumped, you jumped too. After I calmed down you settled back into a peaceful sleep as well. I’m sure that won’t be the first time this little furry friend wakes you from a peaceful sleep. Know this, I grant you the permission to wake him whenever you feel the desire. He puts up a good act of playing the protector, but he’s got a giant lazy bone in his body. He gets pretty dramatic when he’s trying to rest, but we enjoy messing with him none-the-less.

Here’s to another week of growing and moving!

Wrigley update

Been wondering what this little guy has been up to?

He’s been enjoying the beautiful Iowa spring by prancing along his walking route, supervising the neighborhood from his favorite indoor and outdoor spots, and using the baby bump pillow as his head rest. Whether under the covers or on top, he has adjusted well to the additional pillows required to ease my back pain. Some mornings I remind him that the pillow has not been placed there for his comfort. As you can see, he doesn’t believe me.