Letters to Baby Leger

Baby Boy,

A few days after we learned that you’d be joining the ranks of six other grandsons, we were spending a lazy Sunday on the couch. The windows were open, Wrigley was enjoying the sunshine, and basketball was on the television. In the mid-afternoon, you started kicking around continuously. I mentioned that this might be a good time to feel the kicking from outside the belly. My unknowing husband kneeled on the floor next to me and placed his hand on my belly. At that same instant, you kicked your little foot as hard as your little 11 ounces would let you. That initial reaction of astonishment, pride, and joy will forever been engraved in my mind. At that moment, my husband became the proud daddy I know he’ll be when you arrive. You followed up with a few more kicks just to let him know that you were doing ok.

Three weeks later, that’s still the hardest your little body has kicked. We like to believe that you wanted your daddy to know you so you gave him something extra special to remember. You’ve fallen into a daily exercise routine that is pretty heavy around 11 am and 8 pm. I can pretty much guarantee a reaction from you if I eat sugar or have a full belly. It’s been fun to know what you’re doing in there. I’ve noticed you moving around a few times. One time you thought about changing positions, but the kicks are back where they started so you must not have found that position as comfortable.

There was this one time on an equally beautiful weekend morning that I believed you and I both to be sleeping. Wrigley was supposed to be sleeping as well, but something startled him awake. Being the protector that he is, he yelled out a warning to whatever sound he had heard. This yelling woke me with a start and I imagine I and/or Wrigley woke you with the same surprise. About 2 seconds after I jumped, you jumped too. After I calmed down you settled back into a peaceful sleep as well. I’m sure that won’t be the first time this little furry friend wakes you from a peaceful sleep. Know this, I grant you the permission to wake him whenever you feel the desire. He puts up a good act of playing the protector, but he’s got a giant lazy bone in his body. He gets pretty dramatic when he’s trying to rest, but we enjoy messing with him none-the-less.

Here’s to another week of growing and moving!

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