The Best of 2010

A lot has happened for me in 2010. Most of the big stuff is centered around Maximus Arthur. Having a baby is a big deal in your life. Having your first baby makes it even bigger. We didn’t start any firsts in our families, in fact we just added to the already large number of … Continue reading The Best of 2010

Letters to Baby Leger

Baby Boy, A few days after we learned that you’d be joining the ranks of six other grandsons, we were spending a lazy Sunday on the couch. The windows were open, Wrigley was enjoying the sunshine, and basketball was on the television. In the mid-afternoon, you started kicking around continuously. I mentioned that this might be … Continue reading Letters to Baby Leger

Dear Baby Leger

Dear Little Baby Leger, This weekend was your first family walk. And it was the first outing of the spring season. It may not actually be spring yet, but you’ll soon learn that in the midwest we take advantage of those “warm” days. We didn’t see any sunshine, but that didn’t stop our family from … Continue reading Dear Baby Leger