Our little boys of summer

The little boys of Leger Lane, like children everywhere, love the outdoors. When Maximus was 18-months old he used to sit at the sliding glass door and cry because it was winter and he couldn’t go outside. Quinten, at 2 1/2, is almost always out on the deck when it’s raining. Their love has no bounds.

Chasing a caterpillar into hiding

Chasing a caterpillar into hiding

EVERYONE in the house was excited once the weather got warmer this spring. Everyone. There are only so many toys you can play with in the house and chances are high that you will fight over a toy with your brother. Or maybe that’s just our house? 😉

Our favorite summer activities:

  • Play in the backyard – dig in the dirt and move dirt from one spot to the next
  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Go to the pool
  • Go to the park
  • Go for walks – ok, not Maximus’ favorite, but the rest of us like it!
  • Play baseball – not a surprise if you know my family! 🙂

Bryan and I have a shared favorite activity this summer – riding our bikes! It’s a little difficult to find time to ride together, but I’m excited that he shares my love of riding! I’d also put softball on my favorites list. It’s always been one of my favorites, but this year I’m having a lot more fun and enjoying it more than usual.


Lunchtime ride

Maximus put together a Summer Fun list, which I dictated. Later, he made me add go on a Vacation to China. “Have we been to China?” “No, we went to Minnesota.” “Oh yah, put that on the list, too.” Apparently Bryan’s work trips to China are nothing but fun and also the only place to buy Cars t-shirts. #priorities


2015 Summer Fun

We’ve gotten a good start on our Summer Fun list and are about half done, minus the China vacation. We’ve spent more hours outside than inside. We’ve missed bath night more times than I can count. Or rather, we’ve gone more nights without a bath than the number of times they’ve been clean this summer. The boys have gotten into a routine of wearing their clothes to bed {and don’t always put fresh clothes on the next day}. They fight bedtime because it’s very much still light out when they go to bed. And they wake up far earlier than anyone should because the sun comes out nice and early. We’re loving summer hard and giving it our all. Dirt under our fingernails, sand in our hair, new freckles on our faces, farmer tans on little arms, and skinned knees are the proof. We’re unanimously voting for 12 months of summer!

Socks. Lots and lots of socks. 

When I used to get baby and toddler socks, I thought they were so cute. Our most recent gift was a bunch of crew cut mustaches. MUSTACHES! As if my two-year-old could possibly exist without mustache socks. seriously. I don’t even care that the colors don’t match his outfits. They make the outfit. 

Socks. Small socks. They have become my thing. That House Thing that drives me a little nutty. Thankfully, Wrigley could care less about socks. That’s good for our budget and my sanity. 

These little socks are everywhere. Every room I walk into, I see socks. Sometimes next to their mate, but usually strung about hanging out with other misfits. It’s maddening. These socks that are never clearly labeled clean or dirty

People say dryers eat socks. I don’t believe it. My house eats the socks. More specifically, my small children feed their socks to my house. And then they whine and plead for an adult to go get them socks from their room. Quinten is obviously the worst. Having a toddler is a lot like living with royalty until you can teach them to use those little legs and hands to do it themselves. 

Where my socks? Go get them. Get my socks. 

It’s a super cold May day and I’m feeling extra bitter about it. If it wasn’t so cold out, they wouldn’t require socks. If it was nice out, I could put them in boxes! Forever. 

These adorable little sport socks that are inside out and in all the wrong places. Never where we need them to be and probably worn for days at a time. These small socks that are in constant need to be picked up, washed, sorted, matched, and put away. Only to be flung around the house before they make it onto little feet or tossed aside after coming in the house. 


These socks. 

A basement, clean babies, and a dog

A Sunday night should be full of clean babies and relaxation. This week was only one of those things. We had a busy weekend full of running around outside. Maximus was in need of a bath, badly. I was flying solo so that meant both boys were going to get a bath. I knew there were storms coming and we were under a tornado warning, but dirty boys need to be clean!


As much as Wrigley drives me crazy with his constant barking, today I am giving him a break. While Quinten was rolling around on the floor trying to eat his towel, Wrigley started barking. I read a text from Bryan that said he was on his way home. I perked up and thought I heard the tornado sirens. A quick check outside and I was right. Or, he was right. I quickly pulled Maximus out of the tub and managed to avoid more than a little whining. I told him to put his towel on because we were going downstairs. I put my phone in my pocket and quickly grabbed a diaper for Quinten along with an extra blanket before scooping him off the hallway floor. As I quickly walked to the living room to grab the Ergo, I continued to coax Maximus to come with. In my most excited voice I said, “let’s go downstairs and see what daddy did!” All while constantly telling Wrigley to stay with me. (Although I doubt he was going to go too far from me since he knew something was going on.) By the time I was back by the stairs, Maximus was rounding the corner with his towel on. At that very moment I realized how much he had grown up. He had his hood on and had wrapped his towel around his body. I reached for his hand and continued to tell him that we were going to go downstairs and see what daddy had done with the blankets. We slowly walked down the stairs and eventually made it to the area that is designated as the tornado shelter. And then we waited. It was only then that I realized that I felt panicky. Then, Maximus told me he had to go potty. (He did the potty dance for an hour.)


We sat down on the blanket and I put Quinten in the Ergo, tried to keep Wrigley next to me, and talked to Maximus. Four minutes had passed. Then Bryan sent me another text, “Almost home.” I sent one back, “I have naked boys downstairs with no leash.” I never heard the garage door and Wrigley never left the basement. Our knight in shining armor came downstairs with diapers and pjs for the boys and extra blankets! Although I could have stopped and looked at the tv or pulled up something on my phone, I didn’t. Bryan came bearing diapers and weather updates. The news mentioned that one of the nearby towns had put a rule into effect, straight winds over a specific MPH warranted a tornado siren. He assumed that’s why ours had gone off. (And then he told me he was sitting out on a deck for his meeting. Where he and another man jumped up and sprinted to their cars as soon as the sirens went off. Obviously, they had families at home.) I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that we weren’t in the path. He made another trip upstairs for the iPad and water. Mickey Mouse came on and Maximus finally sat down. Wrigley curled up under the blanket with me and Quinten rolled around on the floor. It was at that time that I finally felt like we were ok.


An hour after we went down in the basement, we finally went back upstairs to attempt a proper bedtime. The winds had died down and the ran was still coming. Thunder and lightning were filling the sky. I spent the next hour catching up with Don Draper and doing my best to forget about the evening activities.

My heart breaks for those in areas of the country that have been through this horrible trauma. I pray that shelter and safety are in abundance while they try to walk this horrific road. I’m not a fan of severe weather, I actually hate it. I hope this is not what we should expect the summer to hold. I’d rather have sunny skies and calm breezes!

Maximus and Wrigley

Last week, Maximus had some rough mornings. One particular morning he said some funny things to me before we left the house. We put Wrigley in his kennel and as we were walking out of the room, he said, “Bye bye Giggy! La la!” Toddler translation: bye, bye Giggy. Love you. Nothing unusual so far. I always say good-bye to the dog so he knows we’re leaving the house, otherwise he’ll wine and bark before we get out the door and it drives me crazy.

As I was carrying Maximus out to the car he said, “Wiggy my fwiend.” I didn’t catch it the first time so he said it again. It was then that I realized that was the first time he’d tried to say Wrigley’s name instead of saying Giggy. It was also the first time I’d heard him refer to someone as his friend! My heart melted!

I’m not sure if Maximus knows what a friend is, but I’m happy to hear that he’s using it in the right context! He may not pay much attention to Wrigley other than to tell him to move or get off his spot, but at least he knows he’s part of the family. 🙂

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Some days it feels like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. No matter where you live. Yesterday appeared to be another normal day. I had an early morning meeting so we switched our daycare routine. While being uber productive during my early morning hours, I scheduled a long overdue vet appointment for The Beagle. Surprisingly, they scheduled me for the same day! That worked perfectly since I was picking up Maximus. We’d just take Wrigley to the vet after we got home.

Amazingly, I made it to the appointment on time. And the dog didn’t poop in my car. {During one trip across town he got nervous and pooped in Bryan’s car. I was pregnant with Maximus at the time. Not cool.} He did however poop when we got inside the building. My dog appears to be a nervous popper. The good thing about pooping in there was that 1. I had a bag attached to my leash, 2. It was cement floor, and 3. I needed to give them a sample. The bad thing was that the room was PACKED and I was holding a 25-pound toddler who was very nervous about this strange place. {Thankfully, he isn’t a nervous popper.} I somehow managed to keep Maximus from stepping in the poop. Because why would Wrigley stay in one spot. He was literally trying to walk around and I’m not sure if he even knew he was pooping. {Being a mom is glorious!} By the time I got that picked up, my dog leash locked, was holding the kid, and found an empty spot to stand away from all other people and animals. Well, I remember thinking that I was literally sweating from head to toe. And really wishing I’d had time to change out of my work pants, but thankful I’d switched my shoes for flip flops. Most of all, I was wondering how long I’d have to wait and if I could physically hold this kid and contain this dog, while holding a bag of dog crap.

I had to stand there balancing a dog who didn’t want to be there and a toddler who had to be held. Thankfully someone weighed him rather quickly and I was able to hand over the bag of poop. I felt like a site to watch. Pregnant belly, purse, kid, dog on a leash, sun glasses on my head, and pants that felt like they were falling down and are definitely too long. It was awesome. As I was standing there holding my heavy child, I realized that I wouldn’t put him down even if he would stand. Too much commotion and dog uncertainty. I wasn’t letting my dog near anyone, but I obviously can’t control other dogs. Somehow I didn’t think about the room being packed full of dogs when I thought this would be easy enough.

I think I stood for at least 15 minutes before there was a spot to sit down. When we did, Wrigley calmed down a lot. There was also only one other dog in the room and the people had cleared as well. It was very calming on all of them. Maximus had stopped asking to go bye-bye, but wouldn’t sit next to me. He had to sit on my lap, only ensuring that I didn’t cool off. By the time we went into a room, we’d been there for more than 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of which I had originally thought I’d be walking out the door by then. Ooy.

The exam room was another story. Maximus was super clingy and worried. And Wrigley knew this was the reason he didn’t want to be there in the first place. Again, Maximus wouldn’t sit on the bench next to me and Wrigley wouldn’t sit still {who can blame him!} on the ground. They both wanted out the door and to be as close to me as possible. Someone came and took Wrigley to get his nails trimmed and Maximus got worried all over again. “A Giggy go? Go bye. Go home.” I tried convincing him that he was going to get his nails cut, just like mommy does to Maximus. It made no sense to Maximus. Thankfully, when Wrigley came back he’d already had his shots and been checked over. I was a little concerned about the logistics of holding a toddler and trying to control a dog on a table, so this was music to my ears. I’m sure Maximus would have gotten upset about Wrigley getting shots, too. So, thank you kind people at the vet for making things a little easier for me!

I was able to send Bryan a quick text while Maximus and I waiting for Wrigley. “It’s hot as balls in this place!” He offered to come help on his way home, but that was right when Wrigley came back in. I figured I was fine, I only had to pay. THEN, I walked out into the waiting room and it was super packed again! I did a little juggling and found my phone to send out an SOS. “Packed waiting area. Going to be a while.” I did the toddler-dog dance a little more. Moving to this spot to avoid people. Then to that spot to avoid dogs coming through. Finally, one of the ladies said, “Let’s get you out of here.” More music! As I approached the counter, another woman was trying to get helped as well. She was totally fine with me getting called up and offered to take the leash to give me some help. Bless her kind heart! She didn’t even wait to see how I’d manage to hold a toddler, leash, and fish out my wallet. Boy did that free hand help a lot! I was halfway through my transaction when Wrigley started getting really excited about something. I turned to the lady and said, your job is done. Wrigley was so excited to see Bryan. I’m pretty sure he knew he was going to go home! A few minutes later my hands were free of both dog and child! I glanced back at the clock and it was after 5. An hour of that juggling mess and I finally had some reprieve! Although it was still hot as balls in that room.

$160 later, that dog has super quiet feet but still hasn’t been groomed. 😦 The poor guy probably doesn’t feel that good after three shots. He came home and drank 3/4 of a bowl of water, walked across the kitchen and threw it up. Yah, for more bodily fluids! An hour later we fed him, and he immediately wanted outside. He walked around the yard eating a lot of grass and promptly threw up all of his food at the foot of the deck stairs. Then, Bryan made him come up on the deck and he threw up more food there.

It’s a new day and my only concern has been if he’s doing ok from the shots. He seems to be getting some energy back and hasn’t thrown up anything. No one seems too traumatized, other than me.

Some days are terrible, horrible, very bad days. When that happens, I sure as heck will learn from that experience. Never again will I take a toddler and dog to the vet. Never again will I go to the vet during the summer months wearing anything less than shorts and a tank top. Realistically, I’ll probably procrastinate even more the next time they send me a postcard for a visit.

Maybe I can get someone to offer in-home services.

Happy me, happy them, happy us

I’ve been busy. It’s a poor excuse for teasing you with blog posts and then just as abruptly stopping again.

Here’s the thing, I’m working on life balance. And life happiness. I’m working on less time with electronics and more time doing other things. I’m turning the tv off, putting my phone on the counter, and doing things for me. Well, most of the time they benefit my family but it’s all wrapped up in the same. What I’ve learned is happy mom, happy family, happy life. It’s inner-laced.

I’m spending at least 30 minutes exercising or doing yoga each night. I’m picking up the house in under 30 minutes and focusing on the items that take me less than one minute to complete. I’m doing small loads of laundry throughout the week. I’m spending at least 30 minutes a day reading. And I’m making sure I get 8-9 hours of sleep at least 5 days a week. And those things basically mean that I start when Maximus goes to bed and once I’m done with them, I go to bed.

I miss the Internet and my online friends, but I need to get myself into a happy, healthy routine. Most of these things already feel like second nature to me. I hope that once I do them automatically, then I’ll become more efficient and will be able to squeeze more things in. After all, writing brings me happiness too. But so does sleep, so I’m having a hard time justifying early mornings or late nights spent writing. Even if my husband keeps giving me gentle reminders that I could get an hour of writing in each morning if I got up at 5:30. That suggestion basically ranks as lowest on my list of life at this point.

Also, I’m still working on this next baby. We find out TODAY whether Baby Leger version 2.0 is a boy or a girl! With my lack of Interneting I’ve been bad about baby updates. Welcome to #2 kid, you’ll love it or hate it! I’m doing well and growing every day practically. We’re very excited to find out what the sex is and start some solid planning! Once that starts happening Maximus will surely realize something is up at our house. (And Wrigley will definitely ask to go live somewhere else, until he remembers that another baby means another toddler to throw him food.) Until then, Maximus is adjusting to people touching my stomach and wonders why everyone keeps doing it. He’s got a good block move though, climb up and sit on the tummy. No one can touch it then! Earlier this week he could have felt the baby moving but his diaper was probably absorbing it. Soon enough he’s going to know what this little sibling really thinks of him banging on it’s safe shelter.

Stayed tuned for the big gender reveal! I’m not sure what Maximus has up his sleeve yet, but I’m sure it’ll be good! 😉

16 weeks of pregnancy complete

I am 16 weeks into this pregnancy and part of me feels like it just begun. I’m stunned and amazed that I have a pregnant belly and don’t understand how four months have gone so fast. I know it has a lot to do with the toddler who is two weeks shy of two years old.

4 months pregnant and almost 2 years old

Here’s what I looked like at 15 weeks with Maximus.

He keeps all of us pretty busy. He’s always got his sights set on Wrigley. Making him sit while Maximus eats or feeding him ice cubes. He treats us in the same way. “Up mommy!” as he pulls on my neck to make me get up. Or, “down daddy” as he wants to play pretend and lay on the ground with a blanket. He’s gotten in a good number of “mommy, EAT!” demands when it’s time for me to come to the table and eat. {Or get up in the morning when I’m trying to enjoy a lazy weekend. And by lazy I obviously mean the 7 am hour.}

Maximus says mommy’s belly is pretty big. He enjoys banging on it and talking about it. My doctor says it’s spot on in size, regardless of what the toddler thinks. I’ve gained 9.5 pounds so far. I snack all the time, but don’t eat a lot of big meals so we’ll see how this turns out at the end. 🙂 Although, my good friend will make me eat my words, “It doesn’t matter how big you get, you’re GROWING A BABY!” Let’s just ride this thing out and worry about the weight later. Like much, much later. With an almost two year old, I didn’t actually start exercising until he was about one and a half. I imagine this time will be no different, if not worse. Exercise falls into that category of: do I want to sleep or exercise? If you know me at all, sleep always, ALWAYS wins.

I have been pretty good about getting up and moving around, I guess we can call it exercising. We go on a lot of family walks. We always have. Pre-kid it was for the dog. Post-kid, it was for everyone to get out of the house. It’s our happy place. Wrigley comes home and crashes on the floor from dehydration {it’s his own fault…peeing on EVERYTHING} and exhaustion. Maximus goes into a deep zone and just watches everything. Exercise for the pregnant mama when I’m either pushing a stroller or walking up a steep hill. Bryan and I enjoy the quiet 45 minutes and use it to talk without being interrupted by Maximus.

My lower back is causing me lots of pain. It feels like it could go for a real good crack, but that never happens. I remember this with Maximus and hope it eases up a bit here soon. I’m feeling great energy wise. I’m getting a couple headaches a week and can’t seem to prevent or eliminate them. This is also consistent with my first pregnancy. I’m hoping to follow the same pattern and that they will end in the next week or so. In the meantime I’m trying to drown myself in water, using heat or ice packs when they get real bad, and resting when possible. Like I told my doctor this week, everything is the same as last time just not as severe.

Little Baby Leger 2.0 has a strong and healthy heartbeat just like big brother Maximus did. At our 12 week appointment the heartbeat was about 150. At the 16 week appointment it was in the 140s. I’m expecting a little more bump over the next month per my doctor’s premonition. She was surprised by my uterus size at 12 weeks but attributed most of that to second baby and my c-section. Apparently that scar tissue makes the uterus go above it more in the subsequent pregnancies, which makes your stomach bigger. Bryan got a little scared that she was thinking I was either further along or … ?! She assured him that she wasn’t surprised, but I would be starting out a little bigger than last time. She loved my belly this appointment. I keep replaying her excitement and comments in my head. It’s so awesome to love your doctor!

The first four months flew by, I can only hope the next four slow down a little. I want to enjoy the summer and fall with my boys before the crazy winter hits!