Our little boys of summer

The little boys of Leger Lane, like children everywhere, love the outdoors. When Maximus was 18-months old he used to sit at the sliding glass door and cry because it was winter and he couldn’t go outside. Quinten, at 2 1/2, is almost always out on the deck when it’s raining. Their love has no bounds. EVERYONE … Continue reading Our little boys of summer

Socks. Lots and lots of socks. 

When I used to get baby and toddler socks, I thought they were so cute. Our most recent gift was a bunch of crew cut mustaches. MUSTACHES! As if my two-year-old could possibly exist without mustache socks. seriously. I don’t even care that the colors don’t match his outfits. They make the outfit.  Socks. Small … Continue reading Socks. Lots and lots of socks. 

A basement, clean babies, and a dog

A Sunday night should be full of clean babies and relaxation. This week was only one of those things. We had a busy weekend full of running around outside. Maximus was in need of a bath, badly. I was flying solo so that meant both boys were going to get a bath. I knew there … Continue reading A basement, clean babies, and a dog

Maximus and Wrigley

Last week, Maximus had some rough mornings. One particular morning he said some funny things to me before we left the house. We put Wrigley in his kennel and as we were walking out of the room, he said, “Bye bye Giggy! La la!” Toddler translation: bye, bye Giggy. Love you. Nothing unusual so far. … Continue reading Maximus and Wrigley

My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Some days it feels like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. No matter where you live. Yesterday appeared to be another normal day. I had an early morning meeting so we switched our daycare routine. While being uber productive during my early morning hours, I scheduled a long overdue vet appointment for The … Continue reading My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Happy me, happy them, happy us

I’ve been busy. It’s a poor excuse for teasing you with blog posts and then just as abruptly stopping again. Here’s the thing, I’m working on life balance. And life happiness. I’m working on less time with electronics and more time doing other things. I’m turning the tv off, putting my phone on the counter, … Continue reading Happy me, happy them, happy us

16 weeks of pregnancy complete

I am 16 weeks into this pregnancy and part of me feels like it just begun. I’m stunned and amazed that I have a pregnant belly and don’t understand how four months have gone so fast. I know it has a lot to do with the toddler who is two weeks shy of two years … Continue reading 16 weeks of pregnancy complete

Random thoughts from the couch

Things I’ve realized as I’ve been on coach rest for the past four weeks. Some days I have absolutely nothing to say because I don’t feel like I’m part of society. I’m in a bubble of books and movies. My dog growls and wags his tail while he’s sleeping. A lot. My living room starts … Continue reading Random thoughts from the couch

A boy’s best friend

Tonight I experienced one of my favorite interactive moments with Maximus. Except, it didn’t involve me. I was busy laying on the living room floor trying to figure out why my camera wasn’t taking good pictures. Maximus was playing with a bucket in the kitchen and Wrigley was getting a drink of water in the … Continue reading A boy’s best friend