Maximus and Wrigley

Last week, Maximus had some rough mornings. One particular morning he said some funny things to me before we left the house. We put Wrigley in his kennel and as we were walking out of the room, he said, “Bye bye Giggy! La la!” Toddler translation: bye, bye Giggy. Love you. Nothing unusual so far. I always say good-bye to the dog so he knows we’re leaving the house, otherwise he’ll wine and bark before we get out the door and it drives me crazy.

As I was carrying Maximus out to the car he said, “Wiggy my fwiend.” I didn’t catch it the first time so he said it again. It was then that I realized that was the first time he’d tried to say Wrigley’s name instead of saying Giggy. It was also the first time I’d heard him refer to someone as his friend! My heart melted!

I’m not sure if Maximus knows what a friend is, but I’m happy to hear that he’s using it in the right context! He may not pay much attention to Wrigley other than to tell him to move or get off his spot, but at least he knows he’s part of the family. 🙂

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