Maximus and Wrigley

Last week, Maximus had some rough mornings. One particular morning he said some funny things to me before we left the house. We put Wrigley in his kennel and as we were walking out of the room, he said, “Bye bye Giggy! La la!” Toddler translation: bye, bye Giggy. Love you. Nothing unusual so far. I always say good-bye to the dog so he knows we’re leaving the house, otherwise he’ll wine and bark before we get out the door and it drives me crazy.

As I was carrying Maximus out to the car he said, “Wiggy my fwiend.” I didn’t catch it the first time so he said it again. It was then that I realized that was the first time he’d tried to say Wrigley’s name instead of saying Giggy. It was also the first time I’d heard him refer to someone as his friend! My heart melted!

I’m not sure if Maximus knows what a friend is, but I’m happy to hear that he’s using it in the right context! He may not pay much attention to Wrigley other than to tell him to move or get off his spot, but at least he knows he’s part of the family. 🙂


A boy’s best friend

Tonight I experienced one of my favorite interactive moments with Maximus. Except, it didn’t involve me. I was busy laying on the living room floor trying to figure out why my camera wasn’t taking good pictures. Maximus was playing with a bucket in the kitchen and Wrigley was getting a drink of water in the kitchen. I wasn’t too concerned about them, but I wasn’t about to leave them unattended for long. {Especially since Maximus has a new obsession of trying to climb INTO things. Regardless of whether it’s something you can climb into.}

All of a sudden Wrigley came running around the corner and around one of the couches. That’s typical body language for HEY! I just stole something I’m not supposed to have! Come chase me! YAY! He ran back into the kitchen before I could see his mouth. Then, he was back in the living room again and I could hear Maximus making his way into the living room too. Quickly I realized that they were playing. I have no idea how it started, because I really thought Wrigley took something from Maximus. {Especially since tonight alone I have had to take one of Maximus’ things out of Wrigley’s mouth and give it back to my child. Grr!}

Wrigley was running all around the living room couches and galloping towards Maximus. Maximus was laughing and crawling after Wrigley. Theyd meet face-to-face and Maximus would try to grab Wrigley. But Wrigley has lots of experience with this game of chase. He can duck, dodge, and run. Maximus can only laugh, crawl forward, and reach out. He’ll have lots of time to practice this to perfection!

This kid. He slays my heart on a daily basis. We couldn’t make him like that dog any more than his little heart does.

He even has fun just watching Wrigley run around. He loves to look at him, point at him, “pet” him, and chase him.

After this, they literally rolled around the living room. Wrigley spent way too much time not listening to me telling him to stop licking and Maximus spent way too much time shoving his face against Wrigley’s so he would lick him. {These two. They are going to be trouble for me. I can see it now.} Maximus was literally diving on top of Wrigley and Wrigley was rolling around so he could be above Maximus. {A benefit of daycare is that Maximus knows how to wrestle and thinks it’s hil-arious when he climbs on top of us.} I finally had to break them up and finish putting pajamas on the boy. Both were a little too wound up for 8 o’clock at night. Wrigley went on to steal a stuffed dog out of Maximus’ room and Maximus wanted nothing to do with a book and snuggling. Both quickly fell asleep and will be back at it in the morning! 

I am soooo happy that I fixed my camera settings before this fun happened! I would have been so bummed out if I didn’t catch these. I had some other good shots that would have been before this if it had been working properly. But, these shots make up for it. I’m glad I can show Bryan what I saw since he wasn’t here.