Glucose update

I wrote about my glucose test experience here. I survived it, barely. The next day I was in a meeting with the team I worked with at the beginning of my career. They have spouses who work with my mother-in-law so I told them I’d had four blood draws the previous day. We commented on the difference between someone who’s spent 20-30 years drawing blood versus someone who’s newish. I showed them marks on my arm from my 1-hour test. It looked like I had a rash of marks after more than three weeks. My mother-in-law used the other arm and I couldn’t even find one of her draw marks! I sent Bryan a text after the first draw and said, “she is really good at this!” I don’t think I’ll have her draw Maximus if it ever comes up since Bryan talks about thinking that every time he went in as a kid she was drawing his blood. I think Grandma will appreciate Maximus not associating that with her, but I’m happy to know her co-workers have just as much experience and can draw your blood so well that you don’t know it’s happening.

I met with my OB last week and I passed the glucose screening. However, I did not pass all four tests. I failed the fourth test. My levels started to rise on the fourth draw and were above the normal levels. I don’t have gestational diabetes and I don’t have to meet with a dietician. I do have to cut out extra sweets and pop and also exercise for about 30-minutes after big meals. I may have passed the test, but this is still not good news to me! If it’s any indication, Bryan sat in the corner behind her and was laughing at me when she gave me the direction. I may not drink much pop, but because of that I like to enjoy a pop if we’re out to eat. Now, of course, Bryan won’t let me. It’s straight water all of the time. Wahoo! Of course the sweet restriction comes at the worst time. We didn’t hand out candy, so we don’t have an excess amount of it, but we always have a little. If I’m being honest, I’ll tell you that I’m not taking her direction 100% seriously. I am trying to incorporate more protein into my day, per her suggestion. I got on the bike one night after eating a big meal full of carbs. It was brutal. I’m 32 weeks and my body doesn’t want to do much other than grow a baby. Another indication, my dad asked me last night how many times I’d exercised since last Thursday. Also while laughing. I told him twice if you counted the vacuuming followed by weights that I did one night. {I was out of breath after the weights, I say yes.}

Like I said, I’m kind of trying but at the same time I have to eat. I’m hungry. I do find that I let myself be hungry longer because I just don’t know what to eat. I feel like everything I’d normally eat isn’t what I should be eating. I am not a diet person. I’m an eat-what-I-want-when-I-want person. I don’t know how to do this restriction thing!

Any ideas?

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