Random thoughts from the couch

Things I’ve realized as I’ve been on coach rest for the past four weeks.

  • Some days I have absolutely nothing to say because I don’t feel like I’m part of society. I’m in a bubble of books and movies.
  • My dog growls and wags his tail while he’s sleeping. A lot.
  • My living room starts and ends the day chilly. In the afternoon it gets very warm. {Not good when you’re stuck laying down.}
  • After about two weeks of laying on your back, your shoulders and body get used to the lack of movement. The lack of movement was painful in the beginning. {That’s going to be awesome when I can get up.}
  • After three weeks, Maximus adapted to his new daddy routine. Now he cries when daddy leaves, even though mommy is still on the couch. ūüė¶
  • Daytime and most nighttime TV is not entertaining. TV series on DVD are the way to go. It passes the time quickly.
  • DVR is a lifesaver also.
  • It’s heartbreaking to listen to your toddler cry when you can’t do anything to comfort him.
  • It’s hard to constantly ask someone else for things. Fresh water, something to eat, a DVD, a book, more pillows, meds, ANYTHING.
  • Reading passes the time the quickest.
  • Falling asleep at a decent hour is not possible when you’ve done nothing but lay on the couch all day.

I’ve still got three weeks left, but I’m taking it one day at a time. After all, there’s nothing I can do about it. My foot is a constant reminder as different parts hurt during any given part of the day. I am hopeful that as my three weeks come to an end, the pain will be less frequent. Until then, I do what I can to keep my mind off of it. Part of that involves trying to come up with an amazing way to thank my husband. He’s got it rough right now – work, toddler, wife, dog, home, and everything in between. That guy deserves a vacation or something! {Obviously after we get this broken foot bill. Yah for that!}


A boy’s best friend

Tonight I experienced one of my favorite interactive moments with Maximus. Except, it didn’t involve me. I was busy laying on the living room floor trying to figure out why my camera wasn’t taking good pictures. Maximus was playing with a bucket in the kitchen and Wrigley was getting a drink of water in the kitchen. I wasn’t too concerned about them, but I wasn’t about to leave them unattended for long. {Especially since Maximus has a new obsession of trying to climb INTO things. Regardless of whether it’s something you can climb into.}

All of a sudden Wrigley came running around the corner and around one of the couches. That’s typical body language for HEY! I just stole something I’m not supposed to have! Come chase me! YAY! He ran back into the kitchen before I could see his mouth. Then, he was back in the living room again and I could hear Maximus making his way into the living room too. Quickly I realized that they were playing. I have no idea how it started, because I really thought Wrigley took something from Maximus. {Especially since tonight alone I have had to take one of Maximus’ things out of Wrigley’s mouth and give it back to my child. Grr!}

Wrigley was running all around the living room couches and galloping towards Maximus. Maximus was laughing and crawling after Wrigley. Theyd meet face-to-face and Maximus would try to grab Wrigley. But Wrigley has lots of experience with this game of chase. He can duck, dodge, and run. Maximus can only laugh, crawl forward, and reach out. He’ll have lots of time to practice this to perfection!

This kid. He slays my heart on a daily basis. We couldn’t make him like that dog any more than his little heart does.

He even has fun just watching Wrigley run around. He loves to look at him, point at him, “pet” him, and chase him.

After this, they literally rolled around the living room. Wrigley spent way too much time not listening to me telling him to stop licking and Maximus spent way too much time shoving his face against Wrigley’s so he would lick him. {These two. They are going to be trouble for me. I can see it now.} Maximus was literally¬†diving on top of Wrigley and Wrigley was rolling around so he could be¬†above Maximus. {A benefit of daycare¬†is that Maximus knows how to wrestle and thinks it’s hil-arious when he climbs on top of us.} I finally had to break them up and finish putting¬†pajamas on the boy. Both were a little too wound up¬†for 8 o’clock at¬†night. Wrigley went on to steal a stuffed dog out of Maximus’ room and Maximus wanted nothing to do with a book and snuggling. Both quickly fell asleep and will be¬†back at it in the morning!¬†

I am soooo happy that I fixed my camera settings before this fun happened! I would have been so bummed out if I didn’t catch these. I had some other good shots that would have been before this if it had been working properly. But, these shots make up for it. I’m glad I can show Bryan what I saw since he wasn’t here.

Our little fan

Our little Red Sox fan is spending the week with lots of family. He’ll be snuggled and played with until he can’t take it anymore. He’ll be the king of his thrown showing everyone what he does every day. You know, pull out all the DVDs, bang Wrigley’s food and water dishes, pull out all of Wrigley’s toys, bang the coasters on the coffee table, steal the TV remote. You know, all the things a baby needs to do in one day. {Or hour.}

It was a lot easier to prepare for a week away from the baby when the baby was staying at home. His crib at night, access to all the diapers and wipes he’ll need, all his food, and a semi-normal routine. To make it easier, the dog doesn’t require any extra work either.

It’s a lot easier to go away when you don’t have to worry about your baby or dog destroying someone else’s home. That means I can go on vacation and enjoy myself because I know my little baseball fans are in good hands at home.


Blog header

When I picked the photos for my header, I looked for ones that included Maximus and us. While my options were thin, the memories are vivid.

Bryan and Maximus

I think I remember all of the night Maximus was born, but there’s a good chance I may not because of the c-section drugs. I could barely keep my eyes open because I was so drowsy. Actually, I don’t remember them wheeling my bed from the recovery room to my room. I do remember my parents coming into the room¬†and I think Bryan walked with me into the room. I think he left and wheeled Maximus into our room. (I don’t think a nurse wheeled Maximus in…) I think Bryan put Maximus in my arms. Now, I’m realizing I “remember” that night but it’s all pretty fuzzy! One of my parents (my dad?) took a picture of Bryan, Maximus and I. It’s the only family picture we have from when he was born, and I look like I just got out of surgery! Ha. I look really groggy and it was all I could do to smile. It’s not a pretty picture of me, but I have it framed and show it because it’s the first day of the rest of my life as a mommy. Back to THIS picture…after our family picture and some pictures of just me and Maximus (that also aren’t very good) and some pictures of my parents and Maximus and I, then Bryan took him. Bryan was walking with him across the room. It was really his first time holding Maximus and¬†getting to really¬†look at his face. Someone had put the camera on my bed. In my groggy, just got out of surgery, haze, the blogger in me picked up my camera and turned it on. I have no idea how I got a good picture because I’m sure I barely looked through the eye slot. Not to mention that it was 10:30 at night in a dimly lit hospital room. Regardless, I will forever be grateful that I took this picture. It means this first daddy-son moment is forever captured!

Me and Maximus

Maximus was about four or five days old. This was one of my first times out of bed. I was so sore and in pain that I couldn’t hold Maximus without having a pillow propped under me. Bryan and I were getting ready to start season 1 of Entourage. This became a nightly routine of ours those first few weeks. We stopped and haven’t gotten up-to-date on the episodes, but it was a fun way to spend each evening. I would nurse Maximus and we’d watched a few episodes. As the weeks passed, we’d move him to his bassinet¬†after he fell asleep. I think this picture was taken the night that we took Maximus out for the first time. Or, maybe I just think that because I wore the same clothes for quite a while! (I could only wear one pair of pants because everything else touched my incision.) His first outing was a night softball game to watch his uncle. I was a slow mover and leaned on the stroller the whole time we were there. Maximus slept because that’s what newborns do. I had him dressed appropriately in a baseball onsie¬†so he fit right in. I asked Bryan to take¬†this picture¬†because I knew we hadn’t taken a lot of camera pictures and I knew there were none of me since the ever-s0-amazing post-surgery pictures. This is another goodie that I’ll always cherish because of the memories associated with it. I can look at that picture and be taken back to those first few weeks. The night-time feedings, the quiet of the house, the way the house seemed to change before our eyes, and the routine that quickly fell into place.

Maximus and Wrigley

I’ve been very good about taking pictures every month. I want to look back at his first year and see how Maximus has grown. I asked Bryan to take the pictures because for some reason I felt like I needed help. I decided that¬†Maximus was starting to gain substance and I wanted to have him sit up. Isn’t that what four months old do? ¬†To the nursing chair we went (that still sits in our room and hasn’t made it to his nursery…). Bryan snapped a few pictures while I adjusted the blinds so we could get some natural light. Maximus was kind of into smiling but not completely loving it or doing it on demand. After a while, Wrigley wanted in on the action and jumped up on the chair and sat down. We rolled with it and caught a couple of pictures of the two of them. I don’t remember much about the rest of this day. I think this was the first time Maximus wore his Cyclone sleeper. And I think it was a lazy Sunday. Outside of that, I remember the photo shoot.¬†I know¬†this will be the first of many pictures of our two babies.

The Best of 2010

A lot has happened for me in 2010. Most of the big stuff is centered around Maximus Arthur. Having a baby is a big deal in your life. Having your first baby makes it even bigger. We didn’t start any firsts in our families, in fact we just added to the already large number of grandsons. But, we started a lot of traditions for our little family of three. It warms my heart to look back on the past year and see how far we’ve come. I remember anxiously waiting to get pregnant, thinking it wouldn’t ever happen, worrying if it didn’t, and then don’t believing it had happened. I was anxious for the first trimester and spent the second mentally preparing. In true procrastination form, I spent the final trimester actually getting ready for his arrival. I’ve spent a lot of time going back and forth about what’s too much for the internets. I don’t have a plan yet, but this section of the internet has become my baby book. My before, during, and after. When I have time, I’ll put it down on paper and put pictures along with it. For the time being, this serves my purpose in this fast paced world that has become ours.

Here’s my favorite posts from 2010:

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Thanks for sticking around with me for 2010. I’m looking forward to an even better 2011!

Four months

  • ¬†Talking on a regular basis.
  • Squealing with delight when he’s happy.
  • Aunt Cressant got him to laugh on Thanksgiving day. It was a throaty, breathing sound but the anticipation of tickles was too much to handle. Since then he’s done it a couple other times.
  • Wearing 6 month¬†clothes pretty much exclusively, unless we need a long-sleeve onsie under something.
  • Babymade bedtime around 8 pm.
  • Takes about 20-25 ounces a day in a total of 5-6 feedings.
  • Sucks his right thumb if he’s tired or wakes up during the night.
  • Close to rolling over but can’t quite get the feet and arms to work at the same time. Spending a lot of time hanging out on his side looking at the world from a new angle.
  • Enjoys tummy time as long as he doesn’t want to be active.
  • Loves kicking his legs and squealing.
  • Has a new interest in grabbing toys in front or above him and trying to hold on to them.
  • Loves holding onto things while he’s in the carseat. Usually he holds on to toy rings with one hand and his burp rag with the other.
  • Has started grabbing onto Bryan’s glasses at night or in the early morning.
  • Is starting to get ticklish.
  • Enjoys bathtime.
  • Starting to crane his neck and shoulders in a sitting position. Does this when you’re holding him or when he’s laying on your legs. Thinks he can sit up on his own. Becomes frustrated if he’s not making the progress he wants.
  • At four-month wellbaby check he weighed 13 lbs. 6 ounces (20% compared to the average) and¬†was 25 1/4 inches long (64% compared to the average). The comparisons make him seem small, but he doesn’t look small when you see him.

Wrigley update

Been wondering what this little guy has been up to?

He’s been enjoying the beautiful Iowa spring by prancing along his walking route, supervising the neighborhood from his favorite indoor and outdoor spots, and using the baby bump pillow as his head rest. Whether under the covers or on top, he has adjusted well to the additional pillows required to ease my back pain. Some mornings I remind him that the pillow has not been placed there for his comfort. As you can see, he doesn’t believe me.