New domain!

I finally decided to purchase my own domain. After four years of blogging, it appears I’m sticking around. ­čÖé is now live! will still work, it’ll just send you to I’m excited about the new change and my brain is a flurry of exciting things I want to do. I’ve had this … Continue reading New domain!

Blog header

When I picked┬áthe photos for my header, I looked for ones that included Maximus and us. While my options were thin, the memories are vivid. Bryan and Maximus I think I remember all of the night Maximus was born, but there’s a good chance I may not because of the c-section drugs. I could barely … Continue reading Blog header

Blog changes!

I’m slowly ticking things off my to-do list! Last week I finally got around to updating my blog design. It was easy-peasy. I just changed it to a pre-loaded WordPress theme. When you get to preview the choices, it’s pretty easy to pick! I was looking for something simple. I like white space. I like … Continue reading Blog changes!