New domain!

I finally decided to purchase my own domain. After four years of blogging, it appears I’m sticking around. 🙂 is now live! will still work, it’ll just send you to I’m excited about the new change and my brain is a flurry of exciting things I want to do. I’ve had this urge for a long time and I’m finally putting thought and effort into it. I love writing and always have. It’s about time I spend some quality time with my words. Along with this change also comes a strong need to start working on some creative pieces. I’ve been working on some artwork for the boy’s rooms and I’m really excited about them!

Lots of fun, new things happening on Leger Lane. I hope you stick around to see them! And, update your bookmarks or feeds to the new address.

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    1. Thanks, Amie! 🙂

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