My thoughts on the birth of this baby: VBAC and C-section

At our 12-week appointment, my doctor explained that our hospital isn’t a VBAC-approvedĀ hospital because it isn’t large enough. However, if you deliver during business hours they have enough staff because the practice is right next door. I’m paraphrasing a little here, but I did repeat it back to her as that. “Basically, if I deliver … Continue reading My thoughts on the birth of this baby: VBAC and C-section

Blog header

When I pickedĀ the photos for my header, I looked for ones that included Maximus and us. While my options were thin, the memories are vivid. Bryan and Maximus I think I remember all of the night Maximus was born, but there’s a good chance I may not because of the c-section drugs. I could barely … Continue reading Blog header

The birth of Maximus

Wednesday, July 28, 2010: This evening I started getting contractions. They weren’t too painful and they weren’t consistent. I told Bryan that I assumed they would hurt a lot more so I wasn’t going to worry about them too much. I didn’t do much this night. Took it easy and stayed horizontal for most of … Continue reading The birth of Maximus