December 20, still a day we’ll always remember

December 20.
Today I was supposed to have a scheduled c-section delivery. At 39 weeks. {Also my sister-in-law’s birthday. Happy birthday, Danielle!}
This is what it looks like outside my dining room window. I’ve heard that we got 13″ of snow! The lights keep flickering and the wind is NUTS. Thunder was heard during the snow fall last night and our power went out once at 3 am for 30 seconds. I think all the schools in the state were closed and many businesses also. Wouldn’t that be an exciting day to have a baby…



So it’s a good thing that my baby decided that he would much prefer to distance his birthday from the Christmas holiday. He picked December 8 as his birthday and vetoed our December 20 deadline.


Quinten Marcus was born at 11:20 am on December 8. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and was 20 inches long. He was born at 37 weeks and 2 days, but showed no signs of being premature. The pediatrician indicated that his gestational age looked to be 39 weeks. {My doctor later told us that even when they do IVF the peds can come up with a different gestational age. Take what you want out of both statements.}


Bryan spent an hour and a half blowing snow this morning so he could go to work. He braved the snow and worked the morning before bringing us lunch. This morning was my first solo morning experience with Maximus and Quinten. I’m still in my pajamas and Maximus watched a lot of tv while I was nursing, but the house is still in one piece and there wasn’t any crying. With most of our company on vacation, plus the weather, Bryan opted to spend the afternoon at home with us. He’s put in a lot of overtime this past year so he’s earned a little extra time off. Maybe he’ll stay home tomorrow too!


We tried our best to enjoy lots of family time last week during our first week home with Quinten. The truth is that Maximus was a whiny, crying mess. Neither of us expected him to be his normal self, but all.the.whining! This week Bryan went back to work and my sister  came over every day. {Except for today. Blizzard.} Maximus is much better with this routine and hasn’t spent much time whining or crying. I can’t lift anything over 15 pounds. Maximus is double that so I’ve needed help lifting him. Thankfully each day I feel better and am able to bend and move more than I could with my first c-section. That means I can pick up Quinten out of the moses basket and I’ve been able to lift Maximus up on the changing table with very little pain. It also means that I can get out of bed myself and don’t need Bryan to haul me up! I’m thankful that this recovery is much faster and easier than my first!


We’re tucked away in our warm house listening to Christmas music and watching the twinkle of the Christmas lights. We’re all thankful that Quinten came early and we’re not traveling or stuck in a hospital during this bitterly cold winter storm. We’ll be huddled up  getting lots of baby and toddler snuggles through the New Year when Bryan goes back to work.

Merry Christmas friends!

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  1. congrats!!!! what a big boy for being early! I’m so glad he’s healthy and you’re all recovering well together 🙂

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