37 week update

We had a bit of a screw up with our 37 week appointment this afternoon. Apparently my appointment was scheduled for 1:45, but we thought it was at 2:15. So, we missed my doctor because she got called over to deliver a baby. {And then Bryan said, “that could be us!} So I saw a midwife instead. She was nice and I was thankful to get in, but I was hoping to ask MY doctor some questions. Last week she told me that I’d find out the plan for December 20 at this appointment. It feels a little unnerving to have not seen her today, but we’ll deal with it.

I scheduled my next appointment {my LAST OB appointment!} for next week. Only she’s not available on Thursday, so I’ll see her on Friday. I’ve only seen her on Thursdays this whole pregnancy. It was like that with Maximus too. He was due on a Thursday. At my 38 week appointment she was going on vacation so I had to schedule with a midwife for Friday. I went into labor on Thursday. So, see ya next Friday doc? Or maybe we’ll come in earlier! 🙂

Or at least that’s how I feel since my complaint this week is focused around contractions. Every night. Not a big deal, but they are slowly starting to get a little more intense. As I learned at my appointment today, they are more intense the second time around. And more common at night. That makes me feel a little better. So far I’ve been a little anxious because I don’t have any experience with contractions that don’t lead to labor. With Maximus, I had contractions that I couldn’t feel. Then one night I had some that I could barely feel. I woke up the next day and they were a little more real and he was born that night. So! Contractions that I can really feel {like while I’m typing this sentence} make me wonder if I’m going to have a baby in the next 24 hours.

I’m trying not to be an anxious mess, but there are a lot of what-ifs. So, I packed my hospital bag tonight and finished up any of the baby laundry so I can pack the diaper bag. The pack ‘n play is set up in our bedroom, waiting for a little guy to sleep in. The car seat is waiting on the final inserts to dry so it can go into my car. Uh, I think that means we’re ready. I made sure to wash Maximus’ laundry so we don’t have to worry about him having clean clothes. I finished up some of the organizing I had started last weekend. Now I just need to clean both bathrooms and I’ll feel like my house is ready for me to leave. The only two things left on the list are to decide between option 1 and 2 for middle names and tomorrow I’m getting a manicure and pedicure. Then I’ve done all the things I wanted to do. {Maybe start wrapping Christmas presents…}

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