Our little fan

Our little Red Sox fan is spending the week with lots of family. He’ll be snuggled and played with until he can’t take it anymore. He’ll be the king of his thrown showing everyone what he does every day. You know, pull out all the DVDs, bang Wrigley’s food and water dishes, pull out all of Wrigley’s toys, bang the coasters on the coffee table, steal the TV remote. You know, all the things a baby needs to do in one day. {Or hour.}

It was a lot easier to prepare for a week away from the baby when the baby was staying at home. His crib at night, access to all the diapers and wipes he’ll need, all his food, and a semi-normal routine. To make it easier, the dog doesn’t require any extra work either.

It’s a lot easier to go away when you don’t have to worry about your baby or dog destroying someone else’s home. That means I can go on vacation and enjoy myself because I know my little baseball fans are in good hands at home.


2 thoughts on “Our little fan

  1. Adorable! Go Sox! 😉

    1. Wait til you see the 1 year pictures he just had done!!

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