Leaving on a jetplane

That’s right. We’re officially in vacation mode. It’s Sunday night and most are getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. But us, we’re on the road. We’re headed to a hotel so we can hop on a plane tomorrow. That plan will take us somewhere warm. It won’t be any warmer than the place we’re leaving. But it will have beaches and drinks. And it won’t have work or household chores. The only laundry decisions will be which swim suit to put on. The only worries about supper will be what restaurant to go to. You see, I’m in dire need of a vacation. I’m in need of some mindless fun. I’m ready for sand, water, a book, and drink. I need this so I can come home and be the best Kyley I can be. It’s going to make me a better worker, better wife, better mommy, and better friend. I need time away. I need space to just exist. So for the next seven days I’ll be enjoying life the best way I know how – relaxing on the beach!

Disclaimer: We laid for this vacation in full. Oh wait. Well, maybe an excellent review for Vacation does deserve a disclaimer.

Note: Our house is not empty. There’s a baby and a beagle there. No point in trying to rob us. They will both be more hassle than is worth. They will demand food and snuggles. And both make loud noises. AND if one hasn’t been outside, well then, two will need to be…um…cleaned up.


2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jetplane

  1. I’m sure the beagle will take super good care of the baby, no? Ha! Sorry, just reading that sentence was kind of funny 😉

    1. I’m sure you’re right, Mary! Haha! Put the two together and they can be a handful. 🙂

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