Happy me, happy them, happy us

4 thoughts on “Happy me, happy them, happy us”

  1. Good for you. As newlyweds, new parents, and new homeowners we’re also struggling fitting everything…and being happy. Washing bottles, doing laundry, working full time (both of us!), fitting in sleep, play time with Avery, exercise, a social life??, and blogging… there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But like you, I just keep plugging away little by little… and try to enjoy life. I love to multi-task. While doing dishes, I chat on the phone with my mom, and Avery plays with pots and pans at my feet. Every night after work I take Avery for a walk in his stroller, sometimes with a neighbor who has a kiddo too = exercise, time with Avery, fresh air, and social time with another mommy. But I still have looming piles of laundry and some dishes in the sink at times…. how do you pick everything up in just 30 minutes!?

    P.S. Do you think it’s a girl or boy?!


    1. Life. It is by no means easy! Tonight I’m exhausted. I didn’t get home until 7:30 and I just don’t have the energy to do much of anything. I made myself get up and turn on my laptop instead of typing a post out on my phone. But, there will be little to no picking up tonight! I should clarify that I’m doing whatever can be done in 30 minutes. Around our house the kitchen becomes the pile place. We have a lot of counter space so it holds random crap. I’m trying to be deliberate and put things away instead of putting them on a counter. Or pick up my bathroom counter instead of leaving all the hair things that Maximus was playing with. I used to think clutter or things out was no big deal, but I’ve realized that if I can quickly put it away then I am being lazy if I don’t. In no way does this house even look picked up, but it feels better than it has!

      We had an inclination on the gender. We were wrong! We are 0-2 in the guessing game! You’ll know shortly!


      1. like your kitchen counter, our dining room table is the clutter catcher. I try to put away a couple things while Avery is playing or eating in his highchair on a week night. We’ve been away on weekends so it just keeps piling up but just picking away at it a few minutes a night or grabbing something as I pass by and putting it away helps.

        I’m excited to hear about the gender… yay!


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