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In March, right after I got my cast off, I started reading The Happiness Project. I read it for a few weeks, but then had some major life setbacks and stopped reading it. I went stagnant on anything other than walking again and trying to get back into the swing of life.

I’m on a work trip, sitting in a hotel room watching the Olympics on a tv that keeps cutting out. With ample time on my hands, I quickly started thinking about home. Thoughts of Maximus and Bryan float into my head. I’m thinking about how Maximus was crabby this morning, probably because his routine was different. I ignorantly thought he’d enjoy sleeping in since he didn’t want to get up yesterday. Nope, he woke up at the same time I did. Luckily I had built enough time into the schedule to either get ready before he woke up or after. It all worked out, but he was really whiny compared to our week at home last week. One of my favorite moments from this morning was when he didn’t want to walk back to his room after breakfast. He was full of sticky milk from the three bowls of cereal he ate. He’d just gotten upset that I was done eating after one bowl and I’d finally gotten him cleaned up and down on the floor. I was already dressed and didn’t want to hold him and his stickiness. He was on the verge of sit down on the floor crying levels. I quickly scooped him up and cradled him like a baby as I carried him to his room. I snuggled and kissed his neck and he giggled with delight. In an instant, I changed that whiny, tension-filled moment and turned it into a fun, loving one. I’ve replayed that moment many times today. When I think of my sweet little 2-year old, I see that smile and hear those giggles as he nuzzles in for more kisses.

I started reading that book again on my flight. If I’m being honest, I don’t remember much about the chapters I read earlier this spring. I’ll probably go back and skim it. For the time being, I want to finish the book. I want to change my focus. I want to free my life of physical and mental clutter. And most importantly, I want to free myself of stress that is preventing me from being as happy as I can be. I want to know that I’m living my life to the fullest and not leaving anything out. One of the major takeaways I’ve gotten from the book is that Gretchen is finding joy and patience in things she wouldn’t have before. The Happiness Project has given her a new outlook on life and a new way of dealing with things. I want that so I find more giggles and smiles and less whining and frustration.

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