Lock up your daughters!

We’re having another boy!! 



Our dreams may have been wrong, but our hearts are happy. I woke up this morning feeling very guilty if I was going to give my two-year old a little sister for Christmas. It felt wrong. Now I know why it felt wrong! We couldn’t be more excited about Maximus having a LITTLE BROTHER! {Although I’m sure we would be just as excited if it was opposite} Bryan’s first comment was, I always wanted a brother! That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his sisters, but I can understand the desire for a brother when you’re surrounded by girl things. {I was a little nervous about having a girl and a house full of BOY things.} 

We spent 40 minutes watching our little boy move around, hiccup, open and close his mouth, and move his arms with vigor. At one point he was stretching out, much like Maximus likes to do every morning. Another time we got a good high five. This ultrasound was different than our first. I think it was because we know how special it is to have a child. We know what to expect and it seems to only get better. We both agreed that we wouldn’t be able to pick out the gender any better, so she gave us some real good looks that seemed pretty obvious. 

Maximus is too little to understand what “you’re going to have a little brother” means. He did give me high fives, but that’s always one of his favorite things to do. And because he’s a toddler he didn’t cooperate for any pictures. We’ve got lots of blue in our house, so we tried to get creative. In true toddler fashion he quickly said, “no cheese.” He did follow some instructions and gave my belly a kiss. We ended up with zero clear pictures out of more than 20 attempts. So, you get the picture. We have a toddler and he’s getting a little brother for Christmas. {Heh, wouldn’t that be easy enough. I have a feeling I’ll have to buy him actual presents!}



I suppose I should provide some information from the ultrasound. Everything looked great. No one had any reason to believe this isn’t a healthy boy. The ultrasound technician said she’s never 100% certain, but she was 98% certain about this gender. Heart beat was perfect at 148. He was measuring about 8 days ahead of my due date, but we decided not to change my due date. If by chance I don’t go early like we all expect, they won’t let me go past my due date since it could be off a little. I’ll just have to wait it out and see and hope that he doesn’t try to stay in there too long! 



Now, to find the perfect name!

2 thoughts on “Lock up your daughters!

  1. Congrats! Love the belly & toddler shots, so cute!! Can’t wait to hear the baby names. Glad to hear everything in the ultrasound checked out well. Did you go into labor early for your other kiddos?

  2. Hooray! Brothers are so fun! So glad all is well.

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