Quinten: Six Months

Six months is a lot of fun at our house. Quinten is very interactive with us and himself. He loves making noises, sometimes mad and sometimes happy. He can easily be entertained by his hands, feet, blankets, and anything else he can get into his mouth. He is very active and moves from the start to end of his time awake. I don’t remember it being any different with Maximus at this age. There is so much to look at and try to get to!


We’re introducing solids this month. So far Quinten has enjoyed everything we’ve given him. He’s eating carrots, avocados, and bananas. He’s doing really well at chewing and can eat a lot. We’re giving him really soft foods and haven’t given him any puree foods. I’m not surprised that he enjoys eating, even if he’s sitting in his chair yawning. He’s also increased his bottles during the day. He takes a couple of 9 ounce bottles during the day.


He’s rolling all over the place and we can expect to find him in some random corner of the room. He’s trying to get to furniture to chew on them, he’s running into coffee tables, and he’s trying to get to his toys. Like I said, it’s a lot of fun at our house right now!


He’s almost sitting up unassisted! He eventually topples over but doesn’t seem to care at all. As much fun as he has rolling all over, he’s getting restless because he has so many new things to try. It’s a constant battle between finding the right position. Bouncer / jumper so he can jump, floor so he can roll, sitting up so he can play with ALL THE TOYS, and standing up on your lap so he can be a show off (or chew on your face).


This past weekend he started getting up on all fours with his belly off the ground! This is such a strange thing to see your baby do. Rolling is exciting to see, but you usually have a lot of pre-work before the baby can get all the way over, so it doesn’t feel sudden. This feels so sudden. Butt in the air is one thing and it’s cute, but then all of a sudden both arms went up and he was looking around from higher ground. Either he’s really good or he’s been practicing in his crib. He didn’t look like a new fawn testing out the limbs, he was just UP.


THEN, Sunday night he decided he wasn’t tired at 9 pm. I put him on the floor and he immediately went up on all fours. I was laying down next to him and he looked over at me and laughed. I kid you not, he laughed and started ROCKING FORWARD AND BACKWARD. Obviously, I grounded him for the rest of his first year. No joke. He did it so many times that I got a video of it. And he did it again in the morning. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t crawling by month seven. (Insert sad mommy face mixed with happy smiles.) For what it’s worth, I blame the dog. I think Quinten wants to chase after him so he can snuggle him (or chew on his face). His fat little hands open and close in a weird baby-petting-the-dog kind of way. Wrigley doesn’t seem to mind, but he’ll learn quickly that the smiles he gets are the ones he gives right before he chews on your face. Baby dude has no poker face.


He has the most smilies I’ve ever seen. He wakes up slowly in the morning and talks to himself and chews on his fingers while he lies on his tummy. When he hears someone come into the room he pops up so quickly that he sometimes falls over. Then he immediately smiles and laughs. It’s the best greeting! I remember Maximus being incredibly smiley and chatty for 30 minutes when he would wake up. Quinten wouldn’t be content to hang out that long so I’m sure that will also mean that as a toddler his nap time will end soon after he wakes up. Unlike Maximus who likes to slowly wake up and hang out by himself for a while.


His six month check was normal. He didn’t like the shots but was happy when he got to take a nap.

Weight: 18 pounds, 5 ounces (59%)
Height: 26.75 inches (46%)
Head: 17.24 (56%)


Fun facts:

  • Wearing size 3 diapers
  • Wearing 6, 9, or 12 month clothes
  • Bedtime between 7:30-8
  • Awake between 6-6:30
  • Two naps during the day – an hour or so after he wakes up and sometime in the afternoon
  • Sleeps on his tummy
  • Sucks on the middle two fingers of his right hand
  • Chews on his left thumb if he’s teething
  • Has his two bottom teeth
  • Turns when you say his name
  • Rolls front-to-back and back-to-front
  • Prefers to be on his tummy if he’s on the floor
  • Almost sitting up by himself
  • Loves teething rings, especially if they are chilled
  • Loves bath time
  • Went to the pool for the first (and second) time this past weekend
  • Enjoys car rides, the stroller, or being in the Ergo carrier
  • Trying to figure out how to crawl
  • Tries to grab Maximus anytime he’s close
  • Nicknames: pumpkin, my baby, my Quinten, Quinty (the first one is mine, all the others are Maximus)

I can hardly remember the itty, bitty baby that we brought home from the hospital. It seems that both of my boys have grown up so much in the past six months. Life is very much on fast forward, but we’re enjoying as much as we can in between the teething and whining. Before we know it they’ll be chasing each other around the house!


The 5th Month of Quinten

Another month has passed and I feel confident talking about Quinten as a baby. I don’t worry so much when Maximus runs over to him. I don’t rush over to him when he cries. He’s more independent and self-sustaining. And he’s still bald. 🙂

We can hardly keep him on his back, unless he’s trying to chew on his toes. Otherwise, he’s constantly rolling to his stomach. Bryan just saw him roll from his stomach to his back, so mobility is just around the corner. I feel like he’s going to get into trouble when he starts rolling around the house. He’s got this sly little smile that melts your heart and stuns you while he tries to attack your face. I predict he uses that to get away with things in the future.


Quinten wants things in his mouth RIGHT NOW. He’s coordinated enough to get things to his mouth, but not enough to keep them in there or move a toy to make it easier. Be careful if your hands are close to his face or if he gets a hold of them with his fingers. He will always try to move them straight into his mouth. Even if he doesn’t know you. He’s sneaky about it, too. Flashing you a gummy grin to distract you. He’s recently started showing favorites to sucking on two fingers instead of his thumb. I didn’t know seeing him suck on his fingers would be more adorable than watching him suck his thumb!

Quinten is so smiley. He smiles with his whole face, including his eyes. Seeing him light up is one of best sources of happiness for me. You can tell who his favorite people are. All we have to do is walk into a room. Maximus doesn’t pay much attention to him, but Quinten doesn’t care. He grins and tries to talk to Maximus even if it’s the back of him. I can already tell that he looks up to Maximus so much. This is the stuff parenting is made of!


He’s getting A LOT better at sleeping! I am so glad I can say that. I’m not jinxing myself or anything because some nights he is up at least a couple of times. I’m in such a weird place with sleep that I can’t remember if he went a week with sleeping through or if it was only a few days. Either way, it’s much better than it was.


Highlights of the month:

  • 18 pounds, 2 ounces
  • Eats every three hours
  • Takes bottles of 4-6 ounces (maybe more at daycare)
  • To bed between 8 and 10 pm, awake around 6 or 7 am
  • Can go to bed awake and put himself to sleep
  • Goes back and forth between sleeping through and waking up once or twice at night
  • Sleeps on his stomach
  • Has started holding on to the edge of his crib mattress when he’s sleeping
  • Favorite activity: trying to suck on my face
  • Wearing some six month clothes but mostly nine months
  • Loves playing in his exersaucer
  • Always wants to sit or stand
  • Always needs a toy to chew on
  • Loves talking to people and when they talk to him


Lock up your daughters!

We’re having another boy!! 



Our dreams may have been wrong, but our hearts are happy. I woke up this morning feeling very guilty if I was going to give my two-year old a little sister for Christmas. It felt wrong. Now I know why it felt wrong! We couldn’t be more excited about Maximus having a LITTLE BROTHER! {Although I’m sure we would be just as excited if it was opposite} Bryan’s first comment was, I always wanted a brother! That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his sisters, but I can understand the desire for a brother when you’re surrounded by girl things. {I was a little nervous about having a girl and a house full of BOY things.} 

We spent 40 minutes watching our little boy move around, hiccup, open and close his mouth, and move his arms with vigor. At one point he was stretching out, much like Maximus likes to do every morning. Another time we got a good high five. This ultrasound was different than our first. I think it was because we know how special it is to have a child. We know what to expect and it seems to only get better. We both agreed that we wouldn’t be able to pick out the gender any better, so she gave us some real good looks that seemed pretty obvious. 

Maximus is too little to understand what “you’re going to have a little brother” means. He did give me high fives, but that’s always one of his favorite things to do. And because he’s a toddler he didn’t cooperate for any pictures. We’ve got lots of blue in our house, so we tried to get creative. In true toddler fashion he quickly said, “no cheese.” He did follow some instructions and gave my belly a kiss. We ended up with zero clear pictures out of more than 20 attempts. So, you get the picture. We have a toddler and he’s getting a little brother for Christmas. {Heh, wouldn’t that be easy enough. I have a feeling I’ll have to buy him actual presents!}



I suppose I should provide some information from the ultrasound. Everything looked great. No one had any reason to believe this isn’t a healthy boy. The ultrasound technician said she’s never 100% certain, but she was 98% certain about this gender. Heart beat was perfect at 148. He was measuring about 8 days ahead of my due date, but we decided not to change my due date. If by chance I don’t go early like we all expect, they won’t let me go past my due date since it could be off a little. I’ll just have to wait it out and see and hope that he doesn’t try to stay in there too long! 



Now, to find the perfect name!

Getting Back on the Horse

I’m a fair weather fan of exercise. I love the endorphins and the act of doing it. I hate the preparation and making the decision to do it. So, you can imagine what I did (or didn’t do) once I got pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t lay around ALL the time. I just used it as an excuse to stop running. And I used the winter months to grow a baby. I did spend a lot of time walking once the Iowa weather warmed up. It was my only attempt at making sure my body was prepared for birth. (And the dog needed it too!)

Next excuse: I just had a c-section. I wasn’t anxiously awaiting my doctor’s approval to get back to my pre-baby life. I was still getting used to my new life. Breastfeeding takes a while to get used to. By six weeks, my body and baby had figured it out. But my body and my baby were hanging out every two hours. I spent my “free” time eating, showering, sleeping, or blogging. Priorities, people. Priorities. Unless it helps your mental state, don’t spend that little bit of free time exercising. Ick!

Fast forward eight months. I’ve got more free time. I have a couple of hours each night to do what I want. Laundry, clean, cook, blog, work, read, or sleep. Night after night I’ve watched Bryan put on his running shoes. And I haven’t once felt guilty or envious. Most of the time I roll my eyes at him and tell him running is disgusting. 🙂 In fact, I’ve announced or more than one occasion that I may never exercise again.

I’ve had a lot going on lately. Some of it follows me where ever I go. Some of it just piles on top. Some of it fades away. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how something has got to give. I’m stuck in the same routine. Work, home, couch, bed…repeat. I’m too exhausted to add in much more. (Ah, that’s why you haven’t been blogging? Ok.)

Tonight I decided to lace up my running shoes and see where they took me. Well, I knew where. It was too cold and windy to run outside. I just didn’t know how long they’d keep me going. I know I’ll regret it tomorrow. After almost two years of nothing rigorous, I ran two miles! There were aches and pains and a little breathing re-learning, but it went well.

I’m not sure when I’ll do it again, but it was great for me tonight. It was exactly what I needed…even if I didn’t really want to do it.

Comin home

I had a great weekend. I enjoyed time with my in-laws on Friday night and tried to snuggle Maximus as much as possible. I had much needed girl time on Saturday and got to go dancing. And I had a little bit of family time on Sunday night. I missed spending the weekend with Maximus, but I enjoyed the time away.

While I was away, Maximus had a lot of good daddy time. They went to the driving range, rode in a golf cart, went to Menards, went on a walk, and played outside. Neither one of them looked or acted less than happy on Sunday so I think they both had fun.

I was greeted by a very silly little baby. One who was shrieking with laughter. As he laid on his stomach laughing at Wrigley, he would yell out and then bust out laughing. Best sound ever! My happy little guy alternates between pretending to crawl and rolling over while making a lot of noise. Once he was done playing, he wanted lots of mommy hugs. Great big, two-baby-arms hugs! Like one hand in my hair and the other holding my arm. Best feeling ever!

As hard as it is to leave, it’s pretty amazing to come home to a happy, loving little baby!

Going away

Tomorrow is my first time away from Maximus. I’ve done plenty of things and left him home with his daddy on a regular basis. I haven’t gone out of state or stayed over night anywhere.

At 10 am, I’m off to Minneapolis for a bachelorette party. With a day of girly fun and an evening of heels and dancing, I’m looking forward to the break from life and the yummy food. I’m not looking forward to the responsibility that comes with nursing. Lugging my backpack, finding the time, pumping, and dealing with the milk. So, as much as my weekend is a “break,” it really isn’t. It’s just an extension of my current lifestyle. And in my current state, I’d rather be with my baby than a machine.

While I’m hanging with the girls, Maximus and daddy have big plans. They are going to the range and watching the Masters. Neither of which I feel like I’m missing! But, I will miss seeing Maximus at the range wearing his fisherman hat. Pictures will have to do.

I know I’ll have a fun time away and I know Maximus and daddy will have a great time. But, it’s hard to not be sad about leaving my baby behind.

Teething sucks

‘Nough said? I think so!

Last week I told you about the sickness that plagued our house. We had our happy baby back this weekend. He was full of smiles and “heeeey, dada dada” was heard all around. He was happy sitting on the floor playing and was his typical independent little self. He still had a lingering cough but it wasn’t bothering him too much. You could see his little teeth buds if he was hollering and you could definitely feel them if you stuck your finger in there. Granted, I spent all of Saturday in bed with some major sinus issues. But, he didn’t seem sick anymore. I thought we had this teething thing licked!

Well, this week those two teeth {Yes, two! Another one came in!} are still haunting our house. Our little guy is NOT happy. The past few days have been a mess of trying to keep him happy. One second he is playing with a toy and the next he is crying. He’s a sad little dude! He sucks his thumb for a little bit and then he’s sad again.

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • Teething rings…only good for a few chomps, if that.
  • Sophie the giraffe…lasts a little longer than a teething ring.
  • A cold, wet rag…”don’t bring that near me, mommy!”
  • Someone else’s finger…lasts longer than anything else.
  • His own thumb…not lasting nearly long enough
  • A pacifier…the only time he’s ever had one! We got them as gifts but don’t use them {or ever tried}, but I found that the newborn soothies are great for him to chew on. They are rubber all around and perfect for him to chomp on. He’s even put it in his mouth the right way a couple of times to suck and chew on.

Teething baby doesn’t want to be put down. He doesn’t want to sit down with you. He doesn’t want to stand up with you. He doesn’t want to play with you. He doesn’t want to be talked to. Basically, teething baby can get sad in the blink of an eye!