Quinten: Six Months

Six months is a lot of fun at our house. Quinten is very interactive with us and himself. He loves making noises, sometimes mad and sometimes happy. He can easily be entertained by his hands, feet, blankets, and anything else he can get into his mouth. He is very active and moves from the start … Continue reading Quinten: Six Months

Lock up your daughters!

We’re having another boy!!┬á ┬á Our dreams may have been wrong, but our hearts are happy. I woke up this morning feeling very guilty if I was going to give my two-year old a little sister for Christmas. It felt wrong. Now I know why it felt wrong! We couldn’t be more excited about Maximus … Continue reading Lock up your daughters!

Comin home

I had a great weekend. I enjoyed time with my in-laws on Friday night and tried to snuggle Maximus as much as possible. I had much needed girl time on Saturday and got to go dancing. And I had a little bit of family time on Sunday night. I missed spending the weekend with Maximus, … Continue reading Comin home

Going away

Tomorrow is my first time away from Maximus. I’ve done plenty of things and left him home with his daddy on a regular basis. I haven’t gone out of state or stayed over night anywhere. At 10 am, I’m off to Minneapolis for a bachelorette party. With a day of girly fun and an evening … Continue reading Going away

Teething sucks

‘Nough said? I think so! Last week I told you about the sickness┬áthat plagued our house. We had our happy baby back this weekend. He was full of smiles and “heeeey, dada┬ádada” was heard all around. He was happy sitting on the floor playing and was his typical independent little self. He still had a … Continue reading Teething sucks