The 5th Month of Quinten

Another month has passed and I feel confident talking about Quinten as a baby. I don’t worry so much when Maximus runs over to him. I don’t rush over to him when he cries. He’s more independent and self-sustaining. And he’s still bald. ­čÖé We can hardly keep him on his back, unless he’s trying … Continue reading The 5th Month of Quinten

Lock up your daughters!

We’re having another boy!!┬á ┬á Our dreams may have been wrong, but our hearts are happy. I woke up this morning feeling very guilty if I was going to give my two-year old a little sister for Christmas. It felt wrong. Now I know why it felt wrong! We couldn’t be more excited about Maximus … Continue reading Lock up your daughters!

Getting Back on the Horse

I’m a fair weather fan of exercise. I love the endorphins and the act of doing it. I hate the preparation and making the decision to do it. So, you can imagine what I did (or didn’t do) once I got pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t lay around ALL the time. I just … Continue reading Getting Back on the Horse