Comin home

I had a great weekend. I enjoyed time with my in-laws on Friday night and tried to snuggle Maximus as much as possible. I had much needed girl time on Saturday and got to go dancing. And I had a little bit of family time on Sunday night. I missed spending the weekend with Maximus, but I enjoyed the time away.

While I was away, Maximus had a lot of good daddy time. They went to the driving range, rode in a golf cart, went to Menards, went on a walk, and played outside. Neither one of them looked or acted less than happy on Sunday so I think they both had fun.

I was greeted by a very silly little baby. One who was shrieking with laughter. As he laid on his stomach laughing at Wrigley, he would yell out and then bust out laughing. Best sound ever! My happy little guy alternates between pretending to crawl and rolling over while making a lot of noise. Once he was done playing, he wanted lots of mommy hugs. Great big, two-baby-arms hugs! Like one hand in my hair and the other holding my arm. Best feeling ever!

As hard as it is to leave, it’s pretty amazing to come home to a happy, loving little baby!

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