Going away

Tomorrow is my first time away from Maximus. I’ve done plenty of things and left him home with his daddy on a regular basis. I haven’t gone out of state or stayed over night anywhere.

At 10 am, I’m off to Minneapolis for a bachelorette party. With a day of girly fun and an evening of heels and dancing, I’m looking forward to the break from life and the yummy food. I’m not looking forward to the responsibility that comes with nursing. Lugging my backpack, finding the time, pumping, and dealing with the milk. So, as much as my weekend is a “break,” it really isn’t. It’s just an extension of my current lifestyle. And in my current state, I’d rather be with my baby than a machine.

While I’m hanging with the girls, Maximus and daddy have big plans. They are going to the range and watching the Masters. Neither of which I feel like I’m missing! But, I will miss seeing Maximus at the range wearing his fisherman hat. Pictures will have to do.

I know I’ll have a fun time away and I know Maximus and daddy will have a great time. But, it’s hard to not be sad about leaving my baby behind.

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