8 months

March 29, 2011
8 months old

Watching daddy


Maximus is a busy little guy. He’s constantly moving. He’s rolling around, kicking his legs, grabbing things, or jabbering. And then he crashes hard at night. By 7 pm, he’s rubbing his eyes and ready for bed. Thankfully he’s easy to put down and usually doesn’t put up a fight. I’m told this reflects his daddy’s bedtime habits as a small child.

What’s Going on This Month:

  • Two bottom teeth in and one top tooth starting to come through.
  • A lot of “dada” and a little bit of “mama.”
  • Jumping! And more jumping!
  • Back to crying during deliberate tummy time. (I say it’s because he’s mad he can’t crawl.)
  • Lots of rocking on his hands and knees.
  • Tummy sleeping! Maximus LOVES to sleep on his tummy.
  • Night time sleeping: 7:15-6:30.
  • Nap sleeping: hour morning nap, couple hour afternoon nap
  • Eating: 5 times a day
  • Newest accomplishment: waving! on command! And when people wave at him, he cracks up!
  • Wearing: 6 months and some 9 months
No more pictures!

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