Teething sucks

‘Nough said? I think so!

Last week I told you about the sickness that plagued our house. We had our happy baby back this weekend. He was full of smiles and “heeeey, dada dada” was heard all around. He was happy sitting on the floor playing and was his typical independent little self. He still had a lingering cough but it wasn’t bothering him too much. You could see his little teeth buds if he was hollering and you could definitely feel them if you stuck your finger in there. Granted, I spent all of Saturday in bed with some major sinus issues. But, he didn’t seem sick anymore. I thought we had this teething thing licked!

Well, this week those two teeth {Yes, two! Another one came in!} are still haunting our house. Our little guy is NOT happy. The past few days have been a mess of trying to keep him happy. One second he is playing with a toy and the next he is crying. He’s a sad little dude! He sucks his thumb for a little bit and then he’s sad again.

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • Teething rings…only good for a few chomps, if that.
  • Sophie the giraffe…lasts a little longer than a teething ring.
  • A cold, wet rag…”don’t bring that near me, mommy!”
  • Someone else’s finger…lasts longer than anything else.
  • His own thumb…not lasting nearly long enough
  • A pacifier…the only time he’s ever had one! We got them as gifts but don’t use them {or ever tried}, but I found that the newborn soothies are great for him to chew on. They are rubber all around and perfect for him to chomp on. He’s even put it in his mouth the right way a couple of times to suck and chew on.

Teething baby doesn’t want to be put down. He doesn’t want to sit down with you. He doesn’t want to stand up with you. He doesn’t want to play with you. He doesn’t want to be talked to. Basically, teething baby can get sad in the blink of an eye!

3 thoughts on “Teething sucks

  1. Poor little man! If he is truly miserable, you could try some tylenol or motrin. It was honestly the only way we made it through a few of Jack’s teeth coming through. Hope those teeth stop bothering him soon!

  2. Sara

    Poor sad Maximus! Fiona sends hugs to her buddy and her mom and dad send support to M’s mom and dad. Good luck!

  3. Awwwwe! Poor M! No teeth for us yet, but lots of chomping on the paci has been going on, so we thank you for the warning signs! 😉

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