Quinten: Six Months

Six months is a lot of fun at our house. Quinten is very interactive with us and himself. He loves making noises, sometimes mad and sometimes happy. He can easily be entertained by his hands, feet, blankets, and anything else he can get into his mouth. He is very active and moves from the start … Continue reading Quinten: Six Months

A good day

Today was a good day. Well, the day wasn’t exceptional and it wasn’t craptastic either. I’m feeling very behind on all things work, but my night erased all those thoughts. It started at our 12-month well baby check. If I were a betting woman I would have put money down that we’d hear Maximus had … Continue reading A good day

8 months

March 29, 2011 8 months old   Maximus is a busy little guy. He’s constantly moving. He’s rolling around, kicking his legs, grabbing things, or jabbering. And then he crashes hard at night. By 7 pm, he’s rubbing his eyes and ready for bed. Thankfully he’s easy to put down and usually doesn’t put up … Continue reading 8 months