A good day

Today was a good day. Well, the day wasn’t exceptional and it wasn’t craptastic either. I’m feeling very behind on all things work, but my night erased all those thoughts. It started at our 12-month well baby check. If I were a betting woman I would have put money down that we’d hear Maximus had an ear infection. Well, I’d be rich. Just like the 9-month well baby visit, my symptom-free baby has a double ear infection. Yes, he’s been snotty. Yes, he got me sick. Yes, he’s teething. No, he isn’t showing any other symptoms. But, the professional wave test says both ears are flat. On to antibiotics for 10 days. Yay! After marveling {again} at the fact that my son wasn’t acting like he had a double, we were sent down to the lab for a blood draw. I knew it was coming but didn’t know what to expect. Yikes! Yuck! Let’s not do it again! Although as soon as he sat up the tears stopped. So, like the three shots twenty minutes before, he was fine.

Wait, I forgot to tell you that the end of daycare ended in TEARS. SO.MANY.TEARS! Mommy walked into a circle of kids waiting for their parents / watching my son throw a crying, pouting fit because the baby WAS GETTING A BOTTLE! But! I! Want! A! Bottle! I reassured him that in an hour that bottle would be the least of his worries. {Not good parenting? Huh.}

Anyway, after all that bad doctor office stuff and crying between each bite of supper, well, I was ready for a night of snuggles! Mommy was ready for duty! Except Maximus didn’t need snuggled. He wanted to play. SO.MANY.NEW.TOYS! We spent three good hours playing with all kinds of fun toys, including a magazine.

While he was playing I had a sippy cup of milk sitting on the floor in hopes that over time he would actually drink a reasonable amount. My thoughts were confirmed when he picked it up on his own and drank out of it. I knew he could do it but I wanted him to take the initiative. He did take random drinks, but they didn’t amount to a whole lot. The funny thing was when he started carrying it around in his teeth while he was crawling. Little dude is smart! He even figured out how to pick it up handsfree. Things like that prove that he’s not such a baby anymore. {Notice that I’m not really giving up that ‘baby’ part? It’s hard, yo. And the peds office feeds into it. It’s a 12 MONTH appt not a one year old appt. He’s still a baby!}

Playing was great. It’s so cool to watch his little brain work. We get a lot of pointing and ‘da’ when he wants something or wants to know what it is. At bedtime I grabbed a new book and headed to the rocking chair with the baby and sippy cup. To my delight, he quickly took hold of the sippy cup and drank the milk! I read the book twice while he drank the entire sippy!! Yay! !! After a not so good end to daycare {and equally as sucky start to the day when daddy gave up and gave a bottle}, I was starting to get nervous about this no bottle thing. My mind is at ease again. He can do it. He won’t get dehydrated. He knows how to do it. 🙂



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