To Cross It Off….Or Not?

I’m concerned about the days quickly ticking by. At Thanksgiving I felt like I had a lot of time to accomplish a long list of Christmas to-dos. All of a sudden we’re approaching double-digit days in December. Which obviously means we’re approaching Christmas VERY QUICKLY. I’m left swapping priorities and cutting back. To do Christmas cards … Continue reading To Cross It Off….Or Not?

Stream of thought

Perception is a funny thing. I can perceive things one way. You can perceive things a completely different way. When our views don’t match, things can get complicated. People can get frustrated. Problems can arise. If we perceive things the same way, we might feel really close together. If we perceive things differently, we might … Continue reading Stream of thought

Random Thoughts

I wonder if it’s safe to say that I get bigger every day. Around 1 pm to be exact. Why do 1 out of 4 people find out I’m pregnant and then ask if I’m having twins. Am I that huge or is it because I have a small frame? How much would my husband … Continue reading Random Thoughts