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Perception is a funny thing. I can perceive things one way. You can perceive things a completely different way. When our views don’t match, things can get complicated. People can get frustrated. Problems can arise. If we perceive things the same way, we might feel really close together. If we perceive things differently, we might feel really far apart. Perception can be based on an attitude. It can be your morals or a feeling you have. It can be a daily feeling. Or, it can be based on the people you spend time with.

Regardless of why you think the way you do, people are different. People are different because God made them that way. If everyone was the same, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We would all follow each other and we probably wouldn’t have the technology that we have today. People have different interests and different areas of expertise. It’s what makes this world so great. I can be friends with someone who has completely different interests. As long as I find something in common with them, we don’t need to have the same interests or areas of expertise.

Feelings control perception. Feelings are hard to control. They can come on in an instant. They can be negative or positive or even indifferent. They can control our whole being. They can create a road block for us. We may not forgive someone because of these feelings and perceptions. We may get upset at someone for false pretenses because of these feelings and perceptions. Feelings can be easily swayed. They can be altered because of social situations, mental situations, or environmental situations.

People are impressionable. Social situations are hard to combat. It’s hard to be your own person when a social situation is the opposite. It’s hard to feel differently if your friends have strong feelings the other direction.

Feelings, pereception, and impressions are what makes a person. Do you handle them the way you want to? Are you easily impressed upon, whether it’s in a positive or negative fashion. Do you let your emotional feelings affect how you perceive things? Are you easily swayed one direction or the other? Do you make a stand when you feel strongly about something? Or do you let your friends decide what you think?

At the end of the day, it’s a coin toss on how you handle each situation. Sometimes we are easily swayed and other times we take a stand. What really matters is that you are the person you want to be. It’s about being proud of who you are, what you say, and what you do.

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