33 weeks

June 23, 2010

Thirty-three weeks

This week Little Baby Leger has begun making himself more present. No longer does he spend part of his day napping peacefully in the inner parts of my belly. Now, he’s front and center at the time. He spends more time moving around and sending out jabs. He has a morning and afternoon session of hiccups that can be pretty distracting. Sometimes he has moved around enough that you can see my stomach moving during each one.

I’m starting to make arrangements at work. Trying to get started on things I want to accomplish before maternity leave. It’s proving to be difficult as everyday things come up and it always seems to be the end of the day. So far, no stressful situations and no work at night or on the weekends. As August gets closer, I’m sure I’ll put myself under more pressure, but my goal is to slowly cross those items off right now.

I’ve always heard that the end of a pregnancy drags on. Up to this point, it has flown by. The changing of the seasons always seems to make life pass too quickly, but I think the added excitement has only enhanced that feeling. It seems like December was just a few weeks ago. As I prepare for the next seven weeks to go by equally as fast, I can only hope that I’m able to enjoy them. Spring and summer are my favorite times of the year and I’d hate for them to pass too quickly. As excited as I am for the arrival of our son, I want to enjoy this time. I feel like I’m always behind posting the latest week so I fear that August will be here before I know it.

Thirty-three weeks side of belly


Baby Leger’s room is almost the final color it will be. We have a few finishing touches to make before I’ll call in complete. We’re still waiting for the furniture to arrive but did get an update today from the store. The lady said the status was “to ship in June.” After we left, I realized that’s this next week! So, hopefully we’ll have the goods in the next week or two! If we’re lucky, we’ll get the furniture about the same time our rocker comes in. We spent a lot of time testing rockers and feel pretty confident that we picked something that is functional and comfortable. I’m happy to report that it was within our budget and we still had some room to spare. While testing rockers we also picked up a diaper bag. It was different than the one we originally registered for, but was much more our style. The diaper bags were at the end of our registry day so we were both a little worn out by then. We also got our stroller and car seat system! We decided to change the system we were looking at also. Bryan wasn’t completely satisfied with the colors, so we picked something new. We’ve got a long list of things we still need to get before LBL arrives, but I told Bryan in my head we have to have the diaper bag and car seat if this guy comes early. The rest of the items could be purchased after he comes. All-in-all, 33 weeks has been a good week!

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