32 weeks – 8 months

June 16, 2010

Eight months. 8 months. It’s already been EIGHT MONTHS! Where has the time gone? What have you done over the last eight months?

  • I’ve grown a baby into a three-pound wonder.
  • I’ve thrown body images and insecurities out the window and focused on nourishing this little baby.
  • I’ve picked out baby furniture, bedding, and paint colors.
  • I’ve finally cleaned out the guest bedroom.
  • I’ve moved the office into the basement.
  • I’ve read many books about pregnancy and natural birth.
  • I’ve suffered through bodily pains from a growing baby.
  • I’ve watched my stomach roll as our little boy practices his movements.
  • I’ve dreamed about what he looks like.
  • I’ve celebrated his journey with friends and family.
  • I’ve been showered with gifts.
Thirty-two weeks

Eight months feel like a long time, but in my world its gone fast! August is just around the corner. While that is exciting, it also makes me feel a little sad. If life moves this quickly, pretty soon I’ll look back and have a grown child. It’s hard to appreciate each day and make the best of it, when they seem to mix together into weeks and months. My wish is that these next couple of months go slow so I can hope that the following months go slow too! I want to fully appreciate and enjoy this time in my life. Thanks for helping me in the journey as I document it in hopes of remembering this feeling forever.

*Update: I spent my 32nd week of pregnancy taking Baby Leger on a plane ride. I had a quick two day work trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The flight was about 58 minutes. The first flight was a little bumpy because we were flying over a storm (that would later hit our area), but Baby Leger didn’t seem to mind. Or, he did mind because he spent the majority of the flight moving around. By the end of the flight, he was pushing on my bladder a lot but I think he enjoyed himself. 😉 We joked that we should have got him some frequent flyer miles so he could get started! The return trip was smooth sailing and he didn’t move around quite as much. I was thankful since I had a seat partner on the return. The last thing a young guy wants to see is a pregnant woman’s stomach contoring into weird shapes!

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