Random Thoughts

  • I wonder if it’s safe to say that I get bigger every day. Around 1 pm to be exact.
  • Why do 1 out of 4 people find out I’m pregnant and then ask if I’m having twins. Am I that huge or is it because I have a small frame?
  • How much would my husband freak out if we were having twins! I can’t imagine a house with TWO newborns. How do you make it out alive?
  • My current belief is that muscle really does weigh more than fat. How else do you explain the current state my body is in versus the lack of weight I’ve gained? I spent six solid weeks doing nothing but laying on the couch. My body practically morphed into the couch. At the end of that, I got a baby bump and some other “areas” that changed. The scale, still weighing it at pre-baby weight. Therefore, I lost a lot of muscle while I did NOTHING and in turn I gained a lot of fat in “areas.”
  • Why are pink sweetharts always hard? I want instant soft, not the candy that you have to suck on for a while. [See, I can find other things to talk about!] 
  • If I continue to lose stomach space, ie blatter real estate, but am supposed to continue drinking a lot of freakin’ water…how does a pregnant woman survive? I average a trip to the bathroom about every 1.25 hours. What’s going to happen when I have a basketball in my stomach?
  • Do people expect me to really want this baby to be a boy or a girl? Am I too naiive to think that a baby is a baby and first time mother’s should just want a healthy one? I’m surprised at the number of people who ask what I want it to be. I’d feel really guilty if I picked one way or the other because my baby has ears and can hear us! I already feel bad about “talking” about him or her as if they aren’t around. Weird hormonal thing? Maybe.
  • Shh….I sometimes slip up and refer to this baby as he. That doesn’t mean I’ll be upset if I’m wrong, that probably just means I’m used to having boys born into our families. Seriously, I’ll be delighted either way! I look at it like this, I’m either getting a baseball player or a softball player. And either one can play hockey. Or basketball, but I’m not sure who will teach the skills. I’m still trying to figure out how people dribble and run at the same time. Shooting is way beyond my comprehension.

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