Thirty-seven weeks

July 21 After reaching the 9 month mark, thirty-seven weeks is considered full term. If I start having contractions between now and week 40, they won’t stop me from going into labor. That’s a huge milestone! Stats from this doctor appointment: 36 1/2″ inches Lost 2 pounds Heart rate of 135 During this week’s appointment, … Continue reading Thirty-seven weeks

You are who you are

Recent conversations: Friend #1:  Kyley, you will be roughly 90 weeks pregnant at this point, however, you have always been a trooper so I’m leaving that decision up to you.  I’m not expecting you to make it until 3am, but I’m not worried about you being a party-pooper either. Me: Thank you for calling attention to … Continue reading You are who you are

Our birth plan

Do you know what a birth plan is? I knew the concept of one, but didn’t know specifics until I started looking into it a couple of months ago. Like most questions I’ve had, my answer can be found on It’s pretty straightforward and should be easy to fill out based on your preferences. Even if … Continue reading Our birth plan

30 weeks!

30 weeks! Only 10 more to go! Pregnancy has gone like this…exhausted 1st trimester, energy 2nd trimester, and tired 3rd trimester. With about two and a half months to go, I’m ready to start taking naps again. Either that or go to bed really early. Neither of which has been on my list of things … Continue reading 30 weeks!

Seven months

Twenty-eight weeks! Twenty-eight weeks may or may not sound like a long time to you. I bet seven months sounds like a long time. Seven months has been a long time for the Leger family. A lot has changed in the last seven months, most obvious is the size and shape of my body! While … Continue reading Seven months