Seven months

Twenty-eight weeks! Twenty-eight weeks may or may not sound like a long time to you. I bet seven months sounds like a long time. Seven months has been a long time for the Leger family. A lot has changed in the last seven months, most obvious is the size and shape of my body! While still appearing small to others, I’m hitting record numbers on the scale. Numbers that these eyes have never seen. As I slowly creep up to the numbers that Bryan’s eyes see, my only glitch is finding things to fit these bigger numbers. During an unusual hot and humid May, I’ve been thrown into the depths of summer. Instead of easing my way in and figuring out summer clothes “later,” I’ve been forced to find solutions now. It’s just another experiment in this thing called life. It’s something I can’t control and in turn have to deal with. Much like having a newborn in the house, I will figure it out along the way and make do.

Little Boy Leger has spent the last few weeks actively trying to be noticed. His favorite positions are either sitting really low in my growing belly or shifting over to one side. When sitting low, you can see his head and butt sticking out and feel the curve of his body. When shifted to the side, he sticks his head out just enough to shift my whole stomach. I give him a little rub and he moves away from the sides, but he’s not as easily persuaded to move up. I guess he could be more stubborn so I’ll take this as a good sign.

Upon entering your twenty-eighth week, the doctor wants you to start counting kicks. I monitor kicks the same time every day. I see how long it takes for ten kicks. A kick is more than a specific kick, it can also be a movement. Baby Leger’s kicks are monitored at 3 pm each day. So far, the longest it’s taken him to reach ten kicks….five minutes! Yes, he is in fact very active! Over the next twelve weeks that time will probably slow down as he has less room to move, but that’s what I’m watching for. If there is a drastic kick change from day-to-day, that warrants a call to my doctor to let her know.

We have increased our doctor visits to every two weeks. Things are on track as they should be. My current measurements are 30″, which is on track from my last appointment. The assumption is that I gain one pound and one inch each week.

Twelve weeks sounds like it’s not a lot of time until I think that it’s a summer vacation. Much like kids get antsy for school to start in the fall, I’m sure the end of this pregnancy will bring about those same feelings of anxiety and excitement. My summer goal is to cherish each day and appreciate it for what it is. I won’t wish away my summer, but instead enjoy the wonderful journey of pregnancy. I know I’m truly blessed to be waiting on the arrival of Baby Leger. It really is a miracle and I’m not taking any of it for granted.

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