An ugly shade of gray

Jealousy is an ugly color. It is not hidden well and usually worn on the sleeve of your shirt. It doesn’t go with your outfit or match the color of your hair. It stands out, ugly in its true shape and form. Jealousy brings out the bad in us. It makes us say hurtful things and think awful thoughts. It makes us forget to treat others how we’d like to be treated. Jealousy jumps up in a crowd and shouts your name. Most of all, it doesn’t make any situation better. If you’re acting out of jealousy, deep down you don’t feel better. If you’re trying to make someone else feel jealous of you, the feeling lasts only a short period. Then, you are left feeling empty and worse for the wear.

A person can try to bring me down with snide comments, but in the end I’m stronger and wiser. I see the disguise wrapped around those words. I see how you tried to make them sounds funny and light. What you don’t realize is that when speaking from a jealous heart, you can’t disguise the words. Only fresh, honest words can meet the mark. Jealousy does a bad job of hiding it’s intentions.

Jealousy is an ugly color to wear. Words that stem from jealousy are highlighted in red. You only convince yourself that those words are meant to be nice. When speaking from a jealous heart, the truth rings out in your tone and facial expressions. My only hope is that those who speak from the jealous heart find comfort in themselves and in their lives. That’s how I’ve gotten to this point in life. I am comfortable in my skin, my (ever-growing) body, and my mind. I am proud of the person I have become. I am no where near the person that I will forever be, but I am proud of the marks I’ve made on this world during my journey. Don’t focus on me and the things I have. I’m not worried about my material possessions, so neither should you. Instead, focus on you. Focus on what you want out of life. I can’t make those decisions for you. I can only try to make decisions that are best for my life and my family, in my little tiny piece of this world.

Don’t put on the jealous sleeves. Instead, get to know someone for who they really are. Enjoy them for their unique self and nothing more. Offer them sunshine in a sometimes cloudy world.

3 thoughts on “An ugly shade of gray

  1. Sara P

    Great blog, Kyley. I can relate.

  2. Justine

    This is a fantastic post.I can relate, especially since we made it public that we are expecting. Some people are just that way and it is very sad.

    1. It’s a sad thing to see. Yet, it’s a lot easier to deal with people’s hurtful words when you know what’s driving it. It makes it a little easier to swallow.

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