Pass or fail?

Yesterday, I received a call from my OB nurse. When I called her back she was already gone for the day. My suspicion was that she was calling to tell me that I failed the one hour glucose test. I feared she’d tell me I needed to come in and do the three-hour test. And even more than that, I feared that I’d have to limit my sweets. LIMIT. MY. SWEETS. Before offering up why me prayers, I took the plunge.

Me: The doctor’s office called me today.
B: Why? I thought they’d only call if it was bad news?
Me: I think I might have failed the glucose test…
B: So what’s that mean for the baby?
Me: It means he’ll be huge. The next step would be a three-hour test where they check you periodically.
B: You don’t look very big.
B: What do you want for supper? No, what should you eat for supper?
Me: Wrigley, I knew I should have had a s’more while he was running.
B: You should be taking this seriously.
Me: I don’t want to! I love sweets.
B: What will you eat?
Me: I don’t know. I won’t even be able to eat fruit. It’ll just be veggies. Yuck.
B: What veggies do you like?
Me: Asparagus, and carrots a little. Salad. I’m over broccoli.
B: Are you hungry?
Me: No.
B: Ok, I shouldn’t offer you what I was going to suggest anyway.
Me: Grr!

Today, I called the nurse back and asked her what the damage was. Her first response, it wasn’t your glucose. “You mean I didn’t fail?!” Instead my iron is a little low. That doesn’t surprise me much since Bryan and I have both been anemic before. Instead of spending an afternoon getting pricked, I’m off to the store to buy some iron supplements.

Words can’t express the joy in finding out that I didn’t fail the glucose test! My conversation with Bryan was a little like a 5-year-old saying, “nah-nah, you can’t catch me!” I’m sure he’ll still watch me like a hawk, but for now I can tell him to lay off because I passed with flying colors. I won’t let his snarly remarks or looks ruin my enjoyment of s’mores before bed, or starbursts before lunch, or pixie sticks at the ball diamonds. I’ve still got my green card allowing me a plethora of yummy food!

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