No, I still wouldn’t say I have very many cravings. Or even that the ones I have are strong urges. I can count on one hand (less than one) how many times Bryan has left the house to get me something. There have been zero middle of the night ice cream runs. He has made a habit of seeing if I need something when he’s out and about. The majority of the time I say no. Last night, I told him to ask me if I wanted a snack when he got home. We both knew he’d be coming home around 11. This worked for me because it meant I didn’t have to try to find a snack before I went to bed and the dog would wake me up when someone entered the house anyway.

My wonderful husband quietly came into the bedroom and whispered, “Do you want a snack?” Yes, please! “Do you want it in bed?” Yes, please! “Is a donut ok?” Yes!

The forward thinker that he is, he grabbed a good late night sweet snack and was prepared for Tuesday morning breakfast! I gobbled up two in bed and was off to dreamland, almost forgetting entirely that I had really wanted a pixie stick at the softball diamonds earlier in the night. What a wonderful surprise it was this morning when I remembered that I had donuts for breakfast! And if they make it past the nighttime snacking hour, Wednesday morning breakfast too!

I had my glucose screening last week. I think my body is tricking me into thinking I need more sweets than usual. It must be some subconscious feeling of anxiety or fear that they’ll tell me I have gestational diabetes. Because, really, my husband would tell you that’s the end of my world. He’ll tell you not to come between me and my sweets. I say it’s not that dramatic, but most cases point to him being correct.

My name is Kyley and I love junk food, especially things high in fructose corn syrup.

I probably should thank God or my mother daily for the high metabolism that I’ve been gifted with. Instead I take it for granted and motor on as if food doesn’t affect people. My recent favorite snack item is s’mores. No fired needed, just 10 seconds in the microwave and you’ve got yourself a campfire favorite.

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  1. I felt jealous of you for having a high metabolism coz i have a very slow metabolism 🙁

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