The first step in a nursery…

What’s the first thing you have to figure out when creating a nursery? The colors!

Many internet hours went into the search for the perfect bedding for Baby Boy Leger. Criteria was specific – something that doesn’t become obsolete when he’s not a baby anymore. Ok, so no cutesy little animals. Check. How about no animals in general. Done. How about sports themed? There’s not a whole lot left. How about no theme? Interesting…that would be something to grow into.

I refined my search terms and got to work looking at stripes, shapes, and dots. I saved some into a ‘like’ pile and sought out the opinion of my partner. He helped whittle it down to two choices. From there I picked a gut choice based on the colors.

Baby Leger will be enjoying a room of blue, cream, and brown! The bedding is in our home waiting for the crib to arrive so it can be put into place. I can’t wait to have it set up, but in the meantime it’s nice to still have a computer room. Having a computer room means I’ve still got plenty of time. It means the spare bedroom can continue to be the storage area for gifts Baby Leger is already receiving. It means we’ve got a summer ahead of us before Baby Leger joins our home. It means time is still on our side and we can cross off all the baby things on our list. (You know, breathing classes, birthing classes, and anything else that helps prepare us.)

Mad About Plaid bedding


3 thoughts on “The first step in a nursery…

  1. Your chosen color is really masculine 🙂 . I’m also thinking of what color we will going to paint for my nursery. My best friend prefer a pink since it’s a girl but i said It’s so common for a girl.hahaha


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