You are who you are

Recent conversations:

Friend #1:  Kyley, you will be roughly 90 weeks pregnant at this point, however, you have always been a trooper so I’m leaving that decision up to you.  I’m not expecting you to make it until 3am, but I’m not worried about you being a party-pooper either.
Me: Thank you for calling attention to the fact that I’m always a trooper. At [recent event] I got a comment about how it was sad that people were going home at 10:30 and the pregnant girl was still out. The pregnant girl closed down the bars, but the girl underneath the belly would have done the same thing. 🙂 
Husband: Just make sure you have a bowl of water and some towels on hand for the 4 week early delivery. That seems to always work in the movies.
Friend #1: I think it has to be warm water if I remember correctly. I’ll have both on hand just in case.

Husband: Well according to [friend], you should be on bed rest and I should have a beeper…
Me: Does he realize I’m just having a baby, not suffering from a disease?


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