It’s been a while since I’ve posted a conversation between my husband and I. {As most of our conversations go lately, this is via email.} Enjoy! Me: I left my phone at home. Like, in an attempt to go technology-free for a day. Except, I didn’t do it on purpose. Husband: good luck with the shakes from … Continue reading I’m FREE!

You are who you are

Recent conversations: Friend #1:  Kyley, you will be roughly 90 weeks pregnant at this point, however, you have always been a trooper so I’m leaving that decision up to you.  I’m not expecting you to make it until 3am, but I’m not worried about you being a party-pooper either. Me: Thank you for calling attention to … Continue reading You are who you are

Love is a battle field

Email from me Love: [noun] leaving half of the chocolate cookie bars so my cookie monster husband can enjoy them too. Pregnancy: [verb] convincing yourself that he probably took a bunch to work so you can eat two more and just leave him the final two.   At least I didn’t eat all of them….   … Continue reading Love is a battle field