Friday night conversations with my husband

Me (calling my husband on the phone): Uh, why is the TV on the Science Channel when I left it on Channel 13?
Bryan: I don’t know. Which TV?
Me: The big one. I left it on 13.
B: Maybe it went to one of my favorites? I programmed them in once.
Me: I know. I watched you do it and you didn’t program any of my channels in.
B: Haha. I know.
Me: It’s on the SCIENCE CHANNEL.
B: Are you trying to tell me a nerd broke in and watched the Science Channel on our TV?
Me: That’s exactly what I’m saying.
B: Well, check our calculator to see if any advanced calculations have been done. Or if it’s missing for that matter. If it is, then the pocket protector gang broke into our house.
Me: Ok. I’ll let you know if there is anything else suspicious going on.

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