Food cravings?

People frequently ask me if I’ve had any weird food cravings. Nope. I crave the things I already liked. I did a good job of cleaning out the pickle trays during the holidays, but that’s pretty common if they are dill. If it’s a sweet pickle, I don’t want anywhere near it. And that feeling hasn’t changed with the added hormones. I have spent more time eating pickles at home, which I usually don’t do. Why? Because I don’t like chewing things that are cold on my teeth. So, I take advantage of a pickle tray and stay away from the cold ones in the fridge.

Another favorite of mine is…french fries! I have no willpower when it comes to good fries. I’m not a frozen bag fry girl, but a fast food / restaurant fry girl. During the first trimester I had a lot of food aversions. Fries were my safe zone. I had a hard time not eating them every day. I justification and promise, I promise to eat healthy when I feel better. I’ve lost the food aversions and am doing pretty well about eating fruits, veggies, and all the other good stuff Little Boy Leger needs. I do have an occasional weakness and need some delicious fries, but it’s not a party of every meal (or day).

Hmm….maybe I have had a craving! Starting around fourteen weeks, I dramatically increased my water intake. When finding out I was pregnant, I really struggled with the notion that I’d have to order a water every time we went out. I used eating out as my one excuse to drink pop and I’d gotten accustomed to that luxury. In fact, it was such a special thing for me that I craved the pop. So, all of a sudden I’m forced to order water while watching my husband drink pop or beer. The beer didn’t affect me in the least. The pop was another story. I’d steal sips and savor the delicious taste in my mouth. After increasing my water intake, I found that I was starting to want water. I found myself taking my water bottle everywhere and refilling it as soon as it was empty.

People also ask me if I miss alcohol or crave it. I’ve had zero interest in any form of alcohol. I almost have the opposite feeling about it. The smell kind of disgusts me and doesn’t make me miss it. I can watch people drink my favorite drinks and not feel the slightest bit of jealousy. I suppose it’s another wonder of the human body!

We’ll see how much this changes over the next 4 1/2 months!

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  1. Nice to meet another french fry girl! Stopping by from UBP – and so glad I found you! Sounds like a full and fun life.

    I’m going to follow on Google Friends – I love finding blogs I know I’ll enjoy. If you get a minute stop by and enter to win the Party Gift at the UBP at Blackberry Jam Cafe ($125 value).

  2. Stopping by from UBP10! Great blog! I am your newest follower!

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