It’s been a while since I’ve posted a conversation between my husband and I. {As most of our conversations go lately, this is via email.} Enjoy!

Me: I left my phone at home. Like, in an attempt to go technology-free for a day. Except, I didn’t do it on purpose.
Husband: good luck with the shakes from withdrawal. I hear coming down is real hard.

It doesn’t help my case any that last week he asked me what I DID on my phone all the time. Is that his way of telling me I should put my phone down a little more? Probably! I think my response was pretty good, “I do all the kind of things you’d do if you were on the computer. Check Facebok, Twitter, read blogs, and play Words with Friends.”

Enjoy Friday! I’ll be enjoying my break from technology {on my phone}.

1 thought on “I’m FREE!

  1. Ha! Sounds like what I tell my husband…he never puts his phone down…it’s like the president is about to call or something…lol! M is soooo cute!

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