9 months

9 months
April 29, 2011

Before I was pregnant, while I was pregnant, and right after Maximus was born, I couldn’t imagine him being 9 months old. I wanted time to stand still. I didn’t want him to grow up too fast. I wanted to enjoy every moment, every month, and every stage. I wanted them all to be just long enough. Now that Maximus is 9 months old, it’s not so bad. He still feels like my baby. He still likes to snuggle. He still cries big baby tears with a sad, crumpled face. He still loses his balance. He can’t do things toddlers can do. So, 9 months seemed like a really “old” age for my baby, but I’ve learned that he’s still very much a baby. He’s just doing different things than those little itty bitty ones who were just born.

Playing with his toys

Maximus is doing all kinds of fun things at 9 months!


  • He started out moving backwards. He could cover some ground quickly!
  • Slowly, he started moving his arms forward. The legs wouldn’t quite cooperate so he always ended up beached.
  • Then, things started being two arm lengths away! He was able to move forward without moving his legs.
  • Now, those little legs follow his arms!
  • He’s not cruising all over the place, but he goes where he wants to go.
  • He’s even getting himself into trouble! Crawling under tables, picking apart my wicker baskets, and trying to play with outlets.


  • One hillbilly top front tooth, half of a side top tooth, and broken skin for the other top front tooth.
  • Two bottom front teeth with half of a side bottom tooth.


  • Still nursing in the morning and at night. Drinking all kinds of yummy milk during the day.
  • Adjusting to baby food and picking some favorites: peas, squash, bananas.
  • Eating real bananas, green beans, crackers, baby puffs, and baby mum-mums.

Sitting up

  • Maximus has some mad sitting up skills! He quickly goes from his tummy to sitting up. He does it so fast that you barely see it happen!
  • He’s also been known to immediately sit up when you lay him down in his crib. This is usually accompanied by those big alligator baby tears.
  • I caught him sitting up this morning. He was leaning against his crib holding his musical worm. I don’t think he minded the interruption to his play time. 😉
  • Apparently he’s spending more time sitting up than we realize because we’ve recently found baby teeth marks on the top of his crib railing! {No stain has been removed.} So, he’s priming up those teeth and spending some time not sleeping!


  • 17 pounds 4 ounces – still a tiny little guy!
  • 26 3/4 inches long – I’m not sure how much I believe this as the nurse always struggles with the length. Last time she shrunk him and this time she said he didn’t grow at all. So, I consider this a rough estimate.
  • Wearing 6 and 9 month clothes, excluding the 6 month pajamas that don’t fit anymore.

Laughing at Wrigley

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