Thirty-six weeks!

We’ve made it to the nine month mark! Only four short weeks to go!

Stats from our latest doctor appointment:

  • 36″ inches from top to bottom of belly
  • 30 lbs gained
  • LBL has dropped some from two weeks ago and is still head down
  • No sign of contractions
  • Major pelvis pain
  • Lots of back pain (not to be confused with back LABOR)
  • Heartbeat range from 140-145 (up a little from two weeks ago, maybe due to the fact that he was doing exercise moves right before monitoring him)
  • Semi-swollen feet due to the high humidity

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • This doctor appointment marks the beginning of weekly appointments (Ok, I didn’t just learn this, but you might not know that).
  • Waddling has become a form of transportation for me. A really tender pelvis, large uterus, and growing baby will create that scenario. I’m afraid this form of transportation is around for the remaining weeks.
  • Getting out of bed (or changing positions) is way more painful than it was before. To give you an idea of what it feels like — basically I wonder if my pelvis will shatter while I’m trying to move. Yes, it feels that amazing.
  • Getting out of bed between 2 am and 4 am is a nightly occurence. If I’m lucky I’ll sleep up until that point.
  • Dogs don’t care that you’ve got a massive belly, they still try to snuggle next to your head. Sometimes that means they headbutt your belly on the way up. Some may say they don’t have any depth perception. I call it denial. He’s seen that nursery, he’s just pretending life hasn’t already changed.
  • When you reach this many weeks and this size, your husband offers an arm upon instinct. It must be easier than listening to the groaning of a woman trying to manuever her way off of something.
  • I wonder if my husband will always fill up my water bottle and stick it on the bathroom counter while I’m showering. It’s become such a major part of his morning routine. Or, will he continue to put my morning snack into Tupperware before he leaves in the morning?
  • You get funny looks if you go to a bar when you’re 9 months pregnant. Your husband gets even better looks when he tells someone in the men’s bathroom that he’s at the bar with his 9 month pregnant wife. Imagine all of the men in there who don’t know how long a pregnancy really lasts…
  • Some days pregnancy feels like a night of too much fun and too many drinks. Other days it just feels like you worked out after many years of laying on the couch. (Much like my first week back to softball during my childhood. The aches and pains of steps and basically moving.)
  • Some of my maternity pants are getting a little snug.
  • Some of my tops are getting a little short.
  • LBLs name has been decided! It was actually decided a few months ago, but we’re confident that we don’t like anything else. But, it’s a secret!
Thirty-six weeks – July 14




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