Random end-of-the-day thoughts

  • I stayed at work way too late and still had hot items on my Post-It when I brought my laptop home.
  • While stopping at my favorite taco drive-thru, I decided to treat myself to a Pepsi (instead of said candy). The woman screwed up and gave me a giant Mt. Dew. My first thought…YES! I enjoyed it, a lot!
  • I got the most bang for my night: laundry, dishes, clean kitchen, dog for a walk, read a couple of chapters FOR FUN, balanced my checkbook, and got two hours work of work in. If you’re keeping score, that’s one item off the hot item list and a lot of work for other things that aren’t on the list, but still aren’t finished.
  • From my husband: You’re still working? Yes, I can’t get this email to go through. Did the error message say, ‘You have too much hate in this message so it won’t go through?’
  • I need to go to work early tomorrow because I’m in a meeting for the next two days. Working until 11 pm is going to make it DIFFICULT to try to get up any earlier than this pregnant body thinks is possible.
  • Still didn’t get those pictures uploaded. As I left work tonight, I added that to my list of things to do tonight. Nuts.
  • I should really remember my water bottle tomorrow, especially since I’ll be stuck in a conference room.
  • Who arranges a three-day meeting and doesn’t tell you where it’s at?
  • There better be breakfast at this meeting. That’s the fastest way to a pregnant woman’s heart, especially when she’s a little concerned about losing so much desk time.

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