Stream of consciousness

I forgot my water bottle at home. Forgot as in, it’s on the other side of town and I haven’t been without it in 12 weeks. Twelve weeks of refreshing hydration. I feel naked. It’s become as important as a cell phone to me. I know, like a cell phone? It’s just water.

Maybe I’ve finally experienced “pregnancy brain.” I hope not. I’ve got too much going on the next six weeks. I don’t have time for pregnancy brain. What I need is an extra sharp, amazingly awesome, level-headed brain. Anyone have one of those lying around?

I hate cold bathrooms, especially when I have become the #1 user. They turned on the AC in our bathrooms. That means I want to get up from my space heater desk even less.

I’m wearing a pair of borrowed pants and had zero attempt at trying to zip them. Yes, I said ZIP. We’re way past pretending to button things and now we’ve ventured into a land where I don’t even see how much I can move the zipper. I am wishing that these would have fit me some other time so I could wear them normally, but they are looking pretty good with a bella band. I’ve realized how much I’ve missed a plain black pant. It’s almost as refreshing as that water bottle would be.

I hate waiting for my laptop to backup. I want this to happen without my knowledge. I want to “set it and forget it,” not wait 15 minutes while I can’t do anything. On a day where time is of the essence.

I woke up this morning and felt like I needed more hours in the day. Not to sleep, I didn’t even have time to have that thought. I wanted more hours in the day to get all of the high priority items accomplished. One should never have more than one high priority item in one day. I currently have four that need to be accomplished before the end of the day. Let’s hope the water bottle was the only setback today. One should never wake up and immediately start thinking about work. As soon as I got out of bed, my first thought was work. When I woke up yesterday morning at 3 am, I spent 20 minutes trying to will out the work-related thoughts. Yet, I don’t feel stressed out. Clearly I am, otherwise work wouldn’t be invading my early morning hours.

I may need to end my day with a big ol’ bowl of sweets. Six months ago I would have said, “bottle of wine.” Some would say ice cream, I’m thinking CANDY can do the trick.

I started a crocheting a baby blanket. I haven’t touched it in the last week. Maybe I need that form of mindless therapy back.

Today is a day that I am afraid of my Outlook and phone. I don’t have time to get blocked from my priorities. I hope people forget my name for a day.

I have three posts saved. All they need are pictures. Pictures are on my camera, but not on my computer. I haven’t put them on my computer because I don’t have the energy at night to sit down and edit / touch them up. Instead, you are left looking at what I looked like at 20 weeks. Maybe tonight…if I make it through the day.

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  1. you should totally do the crocheting its so relaxing.

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