To Cross It Off….Or Not?

I’m concerned about the days quickly ticking by. At Thanksgiving I felt like I had a lot of time to accomplish a long list of Christmas to-dos. All of a sudden we’re approaching double-digit days in December. Which obviously means we’re approaching Christmas VERY QUICKLY.

I’m left swapping priorities and cutting back. To do Christmas cards or not do them? To write a Christmas letter {if I do the cards} or not? To get those “homemade” presents done or scrap the idea? To get those extra special Christmas pictures of my babe or not.

I’m not overwhelmed…yet. But I think it might be on the brink.

Do you have any tips of staying sane during the holiday hoopla? How do make sure you’re enjoying each moment and not focusing on the List? What’s the first to go on your list? Mine is cleaning and exercising, and blogging of course.

2 thoughts on “To Cross It Off….Or Not?

  1. I make a list. It keeps me focused, usually. Post it notes baby! I love the giant recycled ones. But I digress. On my list this week: $5 for Attia’s first dayhome field trip, book for Attia’s gift exchange, baking for the party on Sunday, cleaning for the party on Sunday, Christmas letter, Christmas photo (of Attia at the very least), and Christmas cards. And just so you know – some times I add simple things to my list and cross them off, just so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something. 😉

    1. You’re telling me exactly what I knew YOU’D tell me. 🙂 Start writing lists at home, not just the office. I need the feeling of productivity to motivate me into the next item. Less thinking about that list and more doing! I’m also a big fan of write it down just to cross it off. I just did that on my work list.

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